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Adjustable Floor Lamps

Shop our selection of adjustable floor lamps designed to brighten your reading area or just enhance your reading enjoyment. Our adjustable floor lamps come in many finishes including brass and nickel and are ready to add a new dimension to your décor.

About Adjustable Floor Lamps

The Buddhists are becoming jealous, because with our adjustable floor lamp, a pure and true illumination is always just a flicked switch away. And our adjustable floor lamp has styles that even the Dalai Lama can appreciate, ranging from the classic through the modern with a shared grace and attention toward making the most of even the simplest detail. Choose an adjustable floor lamp in a range of sizes and styles to find the right fit for your own interior designs. With a choice of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or LED light source, each adjustable floor lamp can create the crisp or cool glow that is most appropriate for your unique situation. Our adjustable floor lamp will offer a spectrum of cool lighting possibilities, making a family room more efficient and comfortable or bringing a stately and working elegance into the den.

In your professional environments, our adjustable floor lamp will help you to bring a better feel into the office, or add a brilliant glow into any boardroom or waiting area. Adjust the height, the brightness, and the direction of your light source with the adjustable floor lamp, pointing your light in any direction that it will bring you the most flexibility. The Buddhists may have a right to be a little jealous; for our path to a true and lasting enlightenment may be as short as the steps it takes to switch on the brilliant illumination of your adjustable floor lamp.