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Our Guarantee

We promise to deliver quality and value in every Levenger product. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we’ll make it right!

Levenger Lamps

Levenger offers a wide selection of desk, table lamps and floor lamps. We have halogen and incandescent lamps in many sizes and finishes that will shed the right amount of light for your desk or reading area. Let us help you see things clearer with a new Levenger lamp.

About Levenger Lamps

Levenger began by selling reading lamps, and over the years we've learned a few things about using both table and chairside lamps to help you light for long and comfortable reading sessions. Peruse our lighting section to find Levenger lamps that offer the proper footcandle (FC) level for the conditions under which you are reading. (For more information about Levenger lamps and footcandles, please view our Footcandles Lighting Level Table on any of our lighting pages.) Use our online catalog to choose from a stunning selection of modern and classic Levenger lamps offering different types of bulbs to meet your individual lighting needs. One of the newest lighting technologies is not a light bulb but a light-emitting diode known as an LED lamp.

It's a boon for close work or for reading in bed, as it emits a highly concentrated light with no heat, and a break for your electric bill, because it barely uses a drop of power (just 2 watts). Similarly, new low-volatage halogen bulbs provide more light and less heat and provide excellent task lighting. You will also find more traditional lighing options in our Levenger lamps online catalog, including lamps that use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Available in fine polished, brushed or antiqued finishes, in brass, nickel or bronze, your Levenger lamps will lend sophisticated beauty and hardworking functionality to any reading or work environment.