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Read In Bed

Enjoy the pleasure of reading in bed with a lamp designed to do just that. Focus just the right amount of light exactly where you need it. With a reading lamp at your bedside, you will be even more excited to finish the last chapter of your book.

About Read In Bed

Most serious readers are just the type to try to read in bed, and our personal accessories can help make that happen in a truly luxurious manner. Choose from a variety of personal reading accessories that encourage you to read in bed every chance you get, with options ranging from lights and magnifiers through some ornate bookmarks or personal indulgences that make every page more special. Every night will feel like the perfect night to read in bed when you have a nightstand or end table ready with a good book, a reading lamp, and a carrying case holding your reading glasses or book magnifier.

As you turn back the covers and get prepared to read in bed, you will appreciate our wide and flexible variety of fine lighting solutions designed to better conform to your favorite positions. Clamp on a portable reading light or decide upon a stationary option to give you the glow that makes every page more personal and inviting. With your choice of halogen, incandescent or fluorescent light sources, we make it easier than ever to read in bed, and will offer the controlled and efficient glow that makes every moment in bed an even greater pleasure.