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Our Guarantee

We promise to deliver quality and value in every Levenger product. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we’ll make it right!

Reading Lights

Levenger offers a wide selection of reading lights. We have halogen and incandescent reading lights in many sizes and finishes that will shed the right amount of light for your desk or reading area. Let us help you see things clearer with a new reading light from Levenger.

About Reading Lights

Ready to redefine your reading light? Never has there been more options to more accurately describe what a reading light can truly mean, than you can find available now through Levenger’s online catalog. From the classic thru the contemporary, every style of reading light that has ever appealed to you is represented within our listings, offering illuminations of every variety. Create a soft glow in any room by using them indirectly against a wall, or use a reading light to direct a concentrated beam on every word you need to read-they will add a new dimension to what you are seeing every day. Look into a reading light with a slim, counter-balanced design and dress up an otherwise drab desktop. Use an art deco-styled reading light to create a touch of ambience in your foyer or guest room.

Available with your choice of either a long lasting halogen bulb or one that is more traditional and standard, your reading light can shed exactly the right amount of light onto every situation to which it is applied. Make your reading pleasurable again with a reading light to help you see what used to seem like fine print. You don’t need glasses yet-all you need is a new reading light selected from Levenger’s online catalog.