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Eyeglass Cases

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an investment that you want to protect. We've all damaged at least one pair of glasses. Help protect your eyeglasses with an eyeglass case from Levenger. Choose from our quality selection of soft or hard eyeglass cases.

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About Eyeglass Cases

Keeping track of your eyeglasses or a favorite pair of sunglasses is a challenge that every mere mortal has to face at some point within their travels. You can thwart the possibility of incurring your own fury at losing yet another precious pair of specs, by keeping them fully protected and always nearby with an eyeglass case from Levenger’s online catalog. The soft, interior lining of a Levenger eyeglass case will protect and serve your glasses, keeping them free from the harm caused by grit and excess handling. And while keeping them clean, the lining will also protect well against your otherwise most common lens scratches. The exterior finish is crafted of finely tooled Italian and domestic leathers, so your eyeglass case is soft to the touch while yet remaining so very strong and reliable, promising to give you years of return on this small but wise investment.

With an eyeglass case from Levenger, you will always know where your best pair of reading glasses or your favorite pair of sunglasses are hiding, and your eyeglass case makes bringing both along to anywhere you are traveling an easy and smart way to get the most out of your eyewear collection. Nothing is more frustrating than tearing apart your house or office to try to find a renegade set of glasses, so use a Levenger eyeglass case to keep them always safe and always close at hand.