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Shop our selection of Blotters available in a variety styles. A Blotter from Levenger is the perfect companion for your fine fountain pen and inkwell.

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About Blotters

If you are a fan of the wonderful feel and classic style of a beautiful fountain pen then you know the value and functionality of quality blotters and high-grade blotter paper. Frequent fountain pen users understand and appreciate what the use of superior blotters can do for the look of their finely written finished product. Blotters from Levenger’s online catalog are the perfect companions for your trusted and dependable fountain pen and inkwell. You wouldn’t head for the ball field with just a bat and ball, for you would definitely need your glove to help reduce errors. Similarly, the blotters from Levenger’s online catalog can help you cut down on those runs, drips, and errors you will occasionally make while enjoying your pen and ink set. Levenger’s blotters will capture and soak up the excess in those first broad, ink-laden strokes with just a simple rocking motion of the hand.

Our lovely rocking blotters perched on your desk will become an instant eye-catcher and conversation piece as well as a functional tool to be reached for every time you take fountain pen in hand. Use Levenger’s online catalog to select your blotters from several available and attractive styles and colors. Rest assured, the blotters from Levenger’s online catalog will quickly make a useful and striking addition to any solid writing repertoire.