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Gel Ink Pens

Shop our selection of Gel Ink Pens available in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you are searching for a click action or a twist action gel pen, we have the right writing instrument for you.

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About Gel Ink Pens

The gel ink pen is a relatively new advance in writing instrument technology. Invented in 1984 by scientists at the Sakura International factory in Osaka, Japan, the gel ink pen represented a blending of many older technologies into one new groundbreaking writing utensil, the remarkable gel ink pen. The secret of the gel ink pen was the new gel ink that provides a combination of oil and water based inks with a new ingredient called xanthan gum. Today, the gel ink pen and its xanthan gum can be found almost everywhere, but the gel ink pen is still on the cutting edge of technological advancements in Japan, America, and all over the globe. The gel ink pen is prized above all others by artists, cartoonists, and editors, because the gel ink is so stable and fade proof. In fact, the gel ink pen is also the pen of choice for archivists and museum curators because the gel ink in the gel ink pen is non-transparent, even though it is water based.

The gel ink in the gel ink pen is comprised of pigments suspended in a water-soluble polymer matrix that makes the resulting stroke opaque and thus light fast and non-transparent. The Levenger gel ink pen is also available in the almost microscopic .22mm tip, a size prized by anyone who needs to write very small, but still legible notes in journals, scrapbooks, and lab notebooks. So when you want to discover the benefits or sample the advancements in the latest gel ink pen technology, find your opportunities and best deals in Levenger’s online catalog today.