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Where are the compact Circas After Moleskine and Time Design, I find I've been using my Circa Compact notebook (7 rings) more and more. Unfortunately, Levenger seems to be phasing this size out. The starter kit with five white tabs and translucent covers seems to be gone. I've lost my notebook and after retracing my steps have yet to locate it. Any suggestions on a replacement? November 17, 2012
A New Project Must! The Circa notebook system is one of the most flexible I've ever used. It is a particularly good fit for a new project. As you understand the project better you can use Circa's flexibility to prioritize the tasks you need to accomplish. It's not only makes reorganizing easier but the variety of paper designs also help you focus on different kinds of tasks. July 21, 2010
Love the Circa System! The Circa notebooks are great! I am a drug rep and use them in combination with the Circa hole punch to create sales binders, detail binders and to organize miscellaneous documents I need to keep. I also have the Circa Home, which is a great organizational tool. If you need a versatile way to keep everything easily accessible and organized, you'll love the Circa system! October 23, 2008
Love Circa! i love my Circa system - it is so easy to keep track of my entire life as a corporate executive and mom. I like to update the cover with new pics of my kids and appreciate all the flexibility. I have tried many other systems and this one works the absolute best. October 22, 2008
Circa System Keeps Me Organized I couldn't funciton without my customized Circa system. It"s the best way I've found to integrate my professional and personal appointments and day-to-day notes an tasks. And, it allows me to easily transfer the essential information to my PDA or laptop computer! October 22, 2008
Great Productivity Product Circa Notebooks are a great addition to my office organizational system. They are so versatile that I can organize any of my notebooks based on the project requirements. I would recommend this product to everyone... Be sure to pick up a circa punch as well to make the system really sing. October 22, 2008
Professional Organized Notebooks The Circa Notebooks are great for anything. I use multiple notebooks. My favorite use is for containing all of the articles I tear out of magazines. I grab all the articles I want to read from multiple magazines, tear them out, punch them and insert into a Circa letter notebook. It creates a magazine personalized for me. After I read an article I lift it out and discard. The notebooks are lightweight, professional looking and sturdy. I use a separate Circa notebook for client files, taking notes, recipes, take-out menus. Great system. Efficient and professional. October 22, 2008
Great for school! I love using my circa notebook for class...it easily lets me organize both my own notes and handouts to make a cohesive timeline of class material! October 22, 2008
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