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Slightly Wild® Six-Pack Of Ink
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Slightly Wild® Six-Pack Of Ink

Price: $42.00
Item: PR0565
Levenger Inks have all the properties that bottled ink should have and come in six Slightly Wild colors.
  • Lightfast
  • Water-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Colors: Fireball (orange red), Smoke (dove gray), Blue Bahama (has a shot of turquoise), Always Greener (as green as grass), Skies of Blue (the blue of a spring sky) and Pinkly
  • Available in single bottles
When we started making inks several years ago, we felt like those microbrewers of specialty beers. Who, after all, was doing this stuff anymore? It was like perfecting buggy whips in the age of Mach 1. But that's part of what we want to provide-a respite from the electronic era.

Levenger inks have all the properties aficionados demand. They're lightfast and water resistant, they resist fading and dry quickly. Switch colors with your mood; the right ink may find you.

Bottled Ink
Slightly Wild Six-Pack - Fireball is orange red, Smokey is dove gray, Blue Bahama has a shot of turquoise, Always Greener is as green as grass, Skies of Blue is the blue of a spring sky, and Pinkly is-well, pink. Consider passing out different colors to your co-workers. (Some law offices have practiced this for years, designating different ink colors for different attorneys when marking contracts, for instance.)

If you prefer our Classic brews, they're also available, by the bottle or six-pack (and also by the cartridge-see below). The Classics are Cardinal Red, Amethyst, Gemstone Green, Raven Black, Cocoa and Cobalt Blue.

Ink Cartridges
Our six Classic Ink Colors are also available in either a large or standard cartridge. The large cartridges are 3" long, feature one Parker end and one International (Levenger) end, and come 12 to a box. The standard cartridges are 1½" long, feature an International end, and come 16 in a box.

Our inks have met with critical approval from ink aficionados. Mandy Young, a professional calligrapher, writes, "The inks stay nice and smooth, neither too fast nor too slow. Often inks that flow nicely lack punch. Not true of Levenger's." We invite you to try a bottle and experience the pleasure for yourself.


Slightly Wild Sixpack of Levenger Ink 5 5 4 4
These are fun colors! I bought a set of this ink 6 years ago -- and promptly lost my fountain pens. I didn't bother to buy another pen until a couple of weeks ago, and these inks are still fantastic! I can tell from the description that the colors and style have not changed at all -- which says to me that people must really like the product. I find these inks to be of good quality and in fun colors. I did suddenly realize that I don't have any "normal" colors -- and promptly ordered the classic 6 pack. I haven't received it yet, but when I do I will review it (with attention to whether the details of the product have changed at all in the last couple of years). The only color in this set which is acceptable for "business" use is the "Skies of Blue" (and perhaps in a pinch the "Smokey"). As long as you know that, these are attractive colors that allow you to express yourself! I will say that changing colors is a little more complicated than the instructions would have you believe -- the pigment is very strong, and it takes multiple fills and emptys of water to get the residual ink out of the nib and the reservoir. I'd personally recommend different pens for different colors (or at least different color families). Also, I'd recommend wearing disposable (health-care type) gloves when filling -- I have ordered the ink remover, but it seems easier to just prevent the ink getting all over your hands in the first place. November 4, 2007
COLOR 'N COLOR I LOVE the colors that I use with various colored pens for a grand variety of color in my prolific journal writing. October 18, 2007
It's certainly the best ink I've ever tried (and I have tried many). August 3, 2007
"I love drawing and writing in a journal, and the ""wild"" ink colors make it so much more colorful.�" August 3, 2007
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