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Soul Skin Moleskine Cover 4.8 5 10 10
The perfect cover- except I have wanted this since Levenger first introduced it. I finally decided to purchase it when it went on sale. I own so, so many Levenger journals, notebooks, circas, folios, binders, wallets, bags, etc that I expected the quality of the leather to be the same. The other products are glove soft. This is grainy, rough and poor quality. I'm so disappointed in it. July 13, 2013
Poem There is a small Journal named Moleskine The book that we all jot our notes in "He's Naked", they blushed Until Levenger rushed to Dress cute little Moleskine in Soul Skin April 29, 2013
Perfection! I ordered this cover after looking at it a million times, and it is exactly as described. The leather is butter soft, and the cover fits my moleskine calendar like a glove. The quality of this cover is excellent, and as someone else said, you don't want to put it down it feels so nice. I'm already thinking Christmas gifts! May 10, 2012
wonderfully soft Even though I'm aware that this cover is advertised as being for Moleskine notebooks, I still held hope that it would fit Rhodia Webnotebooks - since they are the same size. Unfortunately, due to the thickness of the cover and quality of the paper on the Rhodia, it does not fit. That said, I LOVE this cover! It's soft and well made and looks very beautiful. The pen loops are my favorite thing - they fit any of my True Writers perfectly. I'll have to stick with Moleskine for this cover - which is a little unfortunate - since I can write on both sides of the paper only with pencil if I don't want writing to show through. To me, Rhodia is a much better value - since I can write on both sides of the page. I still totally love this cover - and recommend it to anyone who journals with Moleskine products. May 5, 2012
Tough as Nails, and Soft to Boot Last week, I ordered a monogrammed Soul Skin. I didn't like the True Writer ballpoint that came with it - it was too short for my hand, so I sent it back and got a Lamy Safari fountain pen. All arrived in record time, as always, looking pristine and perfect in their gift boxes. I didn’t waste any time breaking them in. I am in love with this cover. So much so that I bought a second one for my husband. The Ravello leather of the Soul Skin is ridiculously soft – I’ve actually caught myself petting it absently while reading. The pen loop lock works great, and it just plain looks sophisticated and elegant. The Lamy fountain pen is perfect for me-lightweight, good grip, nice ink laydown. I’m definitely a fan. So this morning, my husband and I decided to run out for breakfast before settling in to work. I grabbed my Moleskine, now housed in its week old Soul Skin. I had an idea I wanted to explore, not a huge stretch, considering. But as we walked to the car, a fawn came crashing into the neighbors yard. I set my notebook on the top of the car and grabbed my iPhone to take pictures, then my husband and I got back in the car and drove off. You know where this is going, right? Two miles later I realized I didn’t have my notebook. Oh………. Bad words. Very bad words. Not only was the Moleskine in the brand new case, which housed my brand new pen, but the notes themselves represent two years of ideas. Not something I want to lose. We at least knew it had to be somewhere on the way out. We retraced our steps and found it a mile in, scattered across the road like rubbish. The Moleskine had come out of the cover, the pen had come out of the loops. All three were about three feet apart. I grabbed them all and got back in the car to examine everything. A car had driven over the Soul Skin. But it was totally intact, only minimally scratched, on the back corner and the bottom binding, and has a warp in the top left corner in the exact shape of a radial. I think if I put it under something heavy, that might eventually smooth out. The scratches are barely noticeable. The Moleskine itself was fine, it had fallen open to the first blank page as if desperate for a story. The pen took the brunt of it, though. The top and bottom are scratched a bit, and the cap along the clip is scratched. It went from brand-new to well-loved in a heartbeat. It still writes like a dream, though the ink blotted on the first go round. But if you consider, all of these things survived relatively unscathed after being flung from the top of a car at 45 miles an hour? I can’t give a better endorsement. Thanks, Levenger! June 20, 2011
Outstanding Moleskine Product I am a journal junkie and a mad scribbler of my personal history. I usually buy pretty art covered journals, but found them too pretty to write in or the ink bled through the pages. They were also odd sizes so on my bookshelves they just looked like a stationary book sale gone mad. I started using large Moleskines for regular journaling (large size); collecting recipes, books, movies (Passions large size), and for planning my life (large daily planner size). I have bought Moleskine covers by other companies - but they were either too flimsy, or to thick and unbendable. This cover meets all my needs. It is thick AND flexible, smells good and has an adjustable pen loop that fits my skinny rollerball pens and my Lamy rollerball pen. This is by far the best purchase I have made from Levengers. May 28, 2011
Soft as BUTTAH! Mine just arrived today - looked at it online a gazillion times before I bought it. I have a gazillion Moleskine journals (Snoopy, Le Petit Prince, Wine Passion to name a few) and lusted after what seemed like the perfect cover - but it was pricey. Have no fear, it is worth the price, fits the journal like a calf-skin glove, I had mine monogrammed and it is EXQUISITE! I also got the blue CRAYON rollerball by ACME to go with it, and the creamy black ink does NOT bleed thru the Moleskine paper. Dynamic Duo! May 27, 2011
Awesome Someone wrote when you pick this thing up ..."you won't want to put it down." I agree totally ! I use mine for keeping my personal diary. Well Worth the Purchase Price !!! I would recommend this item to ANYONE !!! May 24, 2011
Perfect for Moleskine users!! I was hesitant to purchase this item when it first came out because my concern was that the skin would not fit the moleskine snugly. I didn't want a cover that was too loose. If that is your concern then let me reassure you - this cover is PERFECT. It fits the large moleskine like a second skin and adds the one thing that was always missing from the notebook - a pen holder. I used to hate having to dig around in my bag for a pen when I pulled my notebook out but this cover solves that quite easily. The loops are positioned perfectly in the center and hold a True Writer Demonstrater pen just right. While the back cover does prevent use of the band it doesn't matter because the pen loop keeps the notebook closed. I can still access the back pocket to slide in any 3x5 cards but I find that I rarely use it. Any papers or notecards I want to keep I just slide into the leather cover on the inside. It was smart thinking on the design team to make the leather part on the inside only come in halfway verses the whole way like the Stanley Journal covers. By doing so, the inside of the cover provides slide-in areas to hold a few cards or papers. Plus, when I put my pen in the closure I find that nothing falls out of the notebook because it is closed tightly. The leather is so soft and I think the reason the cover fits so nicely is because the leather is flexible and not so stiff. I use the hard cover Moleskines and the hard covers don't need a stiff leather to support them. This leather is just right for the purpose. Overall, I say this is a wonderful item and I am so happy Levenger came out with it. I hope that in the future Levenger will consider selling this cover in Eggplant. That would be AWESOME!! January 8, 2011
Love my Moleskin Soul Skin I've always had the greatest respect for Leventer's ad copywriters (and at no point was my respect greater than a few years ago, when they did a truly inspired job of selling manual portable typewriters!). However, once I got my large-size Moleskine Soul Skin cover in the mail, I believe that the product's worth has surpassed even the prose which promoted it. The notebook-cover combo is now my constant companion, and it has become my major method of on-paper idea-recording. Thank you again, Levenger! November 19, 2010
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