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Thai Pad 4.6 5 90 90
Cheap fabric Functionality of this product is great - so much so that I bought two. I use them everyday. Problem is that the fabric these are covered with is so cheap that both have holes worn through where the edge of my tablet (rounded and smooth, I might add) has worn holes in them. It would be one thing if the edge of my tablet was sharp but it's as smooth as glass and has still made the fabric threadbare. For this price, these should last a lot longer since they just sit there behind my tablet. With the stuffing now coming out of both, they will be going into the trash soon. Pity - I liked the product but I won't buy another. March 26, 2014
Lost Without It! I cannot do without it. I use it on daily basis. March 14, 2014
a new favorite I have been wanting this product and hesitated because iI kept thinking that it really can't be as useful as claimed. Wrong! It is all it claims to be and more. Want to buy a couple more for gifts but will wait for a special offer because they are a bit high in price . Levenger.has many good offers. I enjoy visiting their site. February 22, 2014
Comfortable Reading The colors on the blue Thai Pad are beautiful and the quality is very nice. We are using this with a Google Nexus, IPOD touch and our Microsoft Surface2. It is not very comfortable to use when the keyboard is attached to the Surface2, but once you have your reading material on screen we can remove the keyboard and this provides a very comfortable reading angle, more comfortable when you're able to prop up your feet and put on your lap. Our kids use it lying on the floor with it to watch movies or videos and they love the viewing angle for that too. January 21, 2014
Great for my Nook Color My husband gave me this reading pillow for Christmas. I have been using my Nook Color more these days for reading books, and the pillow works beautifully to prop it up in my lap or on a table. (The Nook does get heavy after holding it awhile). It's just what I wanted. January 20, 2014
Just what I was looking for ! Terrific purchase. Makes using my I Pad with keyboard so much easier. I purchased one for my son who mentioned that he always uses a pillow when he reads or uses his I Pad. I am sure this will be much better than his pillow !!! I would love to see this product in neutral colors that would fit in with any decor. As always, I am thrilled with my Levenger purchase. January 18, 2014
What I wanted Holds my iPad better than my wireless keyboard stand -- and I can still use the keyboard. Typing on iPad itself is easier. Works with my iPhone too. Holds books (paper and hard back) effectively. I use it on the desk/table as well as in my lap. I love the silk, but why not consider a more durable material and a pocket on one side? January 12, 2014
Thai Pad in Purple/Rose This product is lovely straight out of the package. I have only used it so far to hold my paperback book while reading in bed. For that purpose, it works very well. Looking forward to propping the iPad on it to watch late night TV. January 7, 2014
Great functionality This thai pad is really effective. It holds my Ipad securely and all the nooks are so handy. I have reading glasses in one, chapstick, pen, stylus. Everything is at my fingertips. It's light and I use it everyday. Win, win, win December 13, 2013
Excellent holder ! I use the Thai Pad with my Sony E-Book and my IPad when I am relaxing in my recliner it workers great ! I just bought another one for a friend for Christmas who was saying they needed something when sitting in the living room ! November 23, 2013
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