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Tray Jolie Lap Desks Set of 2 3.7 5 3 3
MacBook Air Lap Tray After reading the 1-star review I almost didn't get these but took a chance and bought 2 to use as trays. Surprise, surprise! These are finely crafted 6-ply laminate wooden trays. Yes, they are very thin but strong and sturdy, thanks to the laminate structure. And since they are real wood, each piece looks slightly different. I just ordered 2 more to use for TV trays. However, I'm currently using mine for my MacBook Air, and it works perfectly for that as well. April 7, 2013
a great product at a great price I don't know what the other reviewer of this product is talking about. The trays I ordered aren't flimsy at all. I ordered these to use when we eat dinner in the TV room & to use as a craft tray for beadwork projects on the road. These trays are quite sturdy and light -- perfect for both uses! They're also quite attractive -- much more so than the cutting board I'd been using for the same tasks! April 7, 2013
Terrible Quality Having received many Levenger products as gifts and always finding them exceptional in terms of function, quality, and style, I ordered a set of these lap desk trays as a holiday gift for my mentor and his wife and waited eagerly for their arrival. Imagine my surprise to find that these trays are of no better quality than those of the dollar-store variety! While they are large enough to accommodate a laptop (as Levenger's photo suggests), they look and feel so flimsy that I wouldn't trust one to hold the weight of a laptop, even in my lap. These are not the sturdy lap desk trays that I expected; rather, they are extremely lightweight, comparable to the weight of a single plastic dinner plate or Frisbee. Additionally, they are assembled of low-quality materials, not worth even half of what I paid for them. Finally, and most disappointing, is that they look cheap--the "wood" is actually a wood-like veneer. I would not display them in my home. Overall, these trays are such a disappointment that I am embarrassed to give them as gifts. I cannot believe that Levenger, from whom I have come to expect the zenith of quality and style, sells them, period, or for such a premium price. December 22, 2012
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