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New favorite pen I'm picky about my pens. My administrative support staff know I will only sign my name on documents with "my special" pen. I now have a new "special" pen. It's the Blue Delft rollerball. I was looking for a signature pen and the typical office store pens were't cutting the mustard. I've found a great pen in the Blue Delft. I love the lovely blue color in this pen. It reminds me of my trip to Haarlem, Amsterdam. It's a pleasure to write with it. After 3 days, it's no longer just my signature pen. It's my everyday pen. I love the smoothness of the writing instrument. It's a pleasure to write with it. No skipping. It glides over the paper. Can you fall in love with a pen? If not, I'm definitely in "like" with it. October 26, 2011
A real gem! I bought this pen because I was looking for an attractive pen that would not only look beautiful, but write smoothly and feel balanced and have some weight to it. The Delft Rollerball fits all of my criteria. Not only is it a beautiful blue color, but it feels just right in my hand. The black ink is perfect, my signature is bold and strong. As a professional, it is the perfect representative of the gravitas of my position as a doctor and a leader. As a lovely blue delft pen, it also represents my femininity. Just perfect! October 20, 2011
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