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True Writer Purple Majesty Fountain Pen 4.1 5 8 8
Like my Purple Majesty I love fountain pens/cartridge pens, the way they feel, the way they write, and the way they adjust to an individual's writing. I was glad to find a pen that looked good, that had a fine nib (I would prefer extra fine), and would be reliable. I have found that my Purple Majesty doesn't have to have "wake up shakes" to get the ink flowing. Having to do that is exasperating and embarrassing in a meeting. I would strongly recommend this pen. In fact, some of my students have expressed a desire to have such a pen and learn to write in cursive if they acquire one. That, in itself, is a testimony. September 15, 2014
Nice Pen Fine writing instrument with a touch of class and elegance! August 8, 2014
Wow! I just received my purple majesty pen. It is beautiful. What impressed me immediately was the care with which it was sent. The presentation speaks of the pride in your products.. I had to work at getting the cartridge to allow ink to flow (old fingers) but once it did the smooth writing was poetry. I need to get my ink. (Forgot to order that!). Fountain pens are timeless and so is this pen. July 26, 2014
Incredible writing experience I started with buying a Kyoto True Writer and enjoyed it so much that I had to buy another to writing with more ink colors - I like to color code notes and the like. I bought a Silver Seas and a Purple Majesty and have been extraordinarily pleased with all three. I've seen some comments that some commenters think the fine point tip lays a line more like a medium tip nib. I've noticed that how thick the line is seems to be affected by exactly how you hold the pen - as with most fountain pens, the line is affected by the angle of the pen and the twist of the nib. Perhaps the True Writers are a little more sensitive to these factors than others. A little practice will help anyone work this out. May 9, 2014
Disappointing -- not what I expect from Levenger The pen is made of cheap plastic and has a cheap feel during use. The ink flows smoothly once started but certainly does not merit the price. I use this pen daily as a functional writing tool but the pleasure in writing is not what I expected. This is not Levenger quality. January 20, 2014
Levenger true writer This pen was a Christmas present from my husband. I was thrilled with it. I love the way it writes and that the ink flows freely The size of the pen is perfect for my hand. January 13, 2014
Great pen but ages poorly I love my Tru Writer. I have a prior version of this pen (it's a lighter purple), that used to be a pen that I would take everywhere. When I my daughter got to be mobile enough that my fountain pens were at risk, I put them away for about a year in a padded drawer in my home office. When I came back to them, the ring on the cap had come off and is no where to be found. If you decide to store these for any length of time, I strongly recommend putting them in a closed bag or case of some sort -I still love the way the pen writes, but it is no longer something I use when I go to an important meeting because the adhesive that was left behind is not very attractive. March 6, 2013
Majestically Purple while I would prefer an extra fine nib, I got this pen with a fine nib. I love it. It's very comfortable, and the ink flows quite well. Once in awhile, there's some skipping, but I think it depends on the surface upon which I am writing. February 27, 2013
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