TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen Wooden Presentation Box
  • TW Select Fountain Pen Wooden Presentation Box
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Macchiato
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean w/ Monogram
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Mediterranean
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather w/ Monogram
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather
  • TW Select Fountain Pen, Stormy Weather
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True Writer™ Select Fountain Pen

Price: $169.00
Item: AP12610
The ultimate True Writer fountain pen
Painstakingly crafted and precision-engineered for high performance, the True Writer Select is designed to be your stalwart daily writing companion. Obsessing over the details to create the ultimate Levenger True Writer fountain pen, our design team spent more than a year to perfect the size, weight and feel of the Select’s large and robust barrel, and to choose its unique resin, finishes and appointments. The handcrafted nib is exclusive to and expressly for the Select only. The Select fountain pen is impressively housed in a monogrammable solid wood gift box to treasure and keep.
The True Writer design story
By the end of the last millennium, the ubiquitous disposable pen had just about taken over. Though a few pen companies still catered to serious collectors with elaborate, intricate (and exorbitantly expensive) designs, it had been years since anyone offered a beautifully made everyday pen. Inspired by the Esterbrook Pen Company, which served the writing needs of the general public for almost a hundred years, Levenger set out to inspire contemporary writers with a modern take on the classics. In February, 1999, the very first True Writer was introduced. The Select takes our trusty True Writer design to a new level of writing comfort and beauty with a slightly more robust barrel, enhanced by upgraded new finishes, appointments and details.
  • Robust yet lightweight resin barrel in Macchiato, Stormy Weather or Mediterranean
  • Chrome and gunmetal appointments
  • Threaded cap posts securely on the barrel
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Stainless steel fountain pen nib handcrafted in Germany
  • Impressive wood presentation box can be personalized
  • Interchangeable nibs also available separately
  • We offer fountain pen cartridges and bottled inks
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TW Select Fountain Pen 4.5 5 15 15
Not happy Like another recent reviewer, I am not happy with this pen. The pen does not write fluidly so that I have to press extra hard for a fluid line, which defeats the purpose of writing with a fountain pen. I had the pen engraved, and the engraving actually cheapens the look of the pen (I bought the Stormy Weather, perhaps it looks OK on other colors). I also bought a True Writer ballpoint pen for a much lower price and love that pen. I would recommend that over this rather pricy pen. December 12, 2014
Not Happy At All I love fountain pens, but not this one. The barrel is too fat for my liking and it's heavy. The medium nib writes a fine line. The nib also skips, does not write a smooth line. I would send it back, but alas, I had my pen initialed. December 6, 2014
Big, great pen! I collect fountain pens and have many. This pen is on par with some that are much more expensive. I ordered the Mediterranean Blue and the color is beautiful. It writes well with not skipping. The only caution I would give is this is a large pen. Having said that, it is well balanced, it just takes a little getting use to. Simply put, it is a great pen at a great price. November 27, 2014
Fantastic Pen This pen is a great pen and has become my favorite pen out of my collection. I got the Mediterranean blue and the color is absolutely beautiful. I have received many compliments so far. The functionality of the pen is smooth and consistent. You won't find better quality for the price. August 28, 2014
Well Crafted Writing Instrument Superior pen with a masculine appearance. The larger than average barrel is perfectly weighted for elegant pen strokes. The fine point delivers a steady flow of ink which supports detailed notes while being more than adequate for a bold signature impression.on documents. The attention to detail on the Select rivals pens more than twice the price. August 14, 2014
Beautiful Writing Tool I've always wanted a fountain pen and my husband bought this for me in Stormy Weather as a gift. Beautiful design, balanced and great function. I have small hands but can still write with this instrument comfortably, though I have to get used to how to hold it for writing. July 3, 2014
Surprisingly functional I've purchased several fountain pens from Levenger. The Select is by far the best. It's has a beefy feeling in my hand and may be a bit heavy, so it may not be appropriate for people with smaller hands. The writing experience with this pen, however, is simply fantastic. It's smooth and effortless. It's way better than my other fountain pens, including Waterford Kilbarry and Sailor 1911, two pens in the same price range sold by Levenger. Nowadays this is the only writing instrument that I use. July 3, 2014
Gorgeous Pen This pen is just plan beautiful. I love the way it looks and feels. Of course, it writes well too. I expected the blue color to be a bit darker than what I received, but it is a wonderful pen none the less. May 29, 2014
A Gem of a Pen I have been collecting Fountain Pens for del over 25 years now and have accumulated quite a collection. I enjoy writing with each and every one of them on a regular basis to keep the Art of Writing flourishing. This True Writer select joins a group of other Levenger Fountain pens and stands out to catch the eye of many associates and friends. It is exceptionally functional and has a very comfortable heft and girth thus not leading to joint or extremity discomfort It is indeed a pleasure to write with and a joy to look at May 28, 2014
A Good Pen I'll start with the good: The nib on this pen is great. I ordered the fine and it is juicy. It lays down a smooth consistent line and starts up every time I pick it up. The design of the pen is good too. The pen is well balanced in the hand and it is really comfortable to write with. Now the bad: I had read how great the resins of Levenger pens were. I was not overly impressed by the macchiato finish. I thought I would be blown away, but I have to say that I just thought it was nice. This is not to say that the pen is not attractive, but that I had higher expectations based upon the description and pictures online. I also have a crooked clip on my cap. I did not think that this would appear on a pen whose makers were "obsessing over the details." It is not enough for me to be upset (it makes it unique), but for some, it might be an issue. Overall, I really enjoy this pen. I have no doubt that when I pick it up it will write, and that is the most important part of a pen - it must write, and it must write well. It is really a joy to write with. May 22, 2014
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