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TwoTone Pyramid Pillow 4.5 5 16 16
practical and well made I use this for holding up my book when I am sitting on the sofa and it does a great job (even with hard bound books). It's comfortable to use because it is made with soft cloth on the outside and has tiny beads inside it so you can adjust the reading angle by manipulating he beads. The outside pockets can hold your cellphone and glasses. It is well made and I use it whenever I read. Highly recommend. January 29, 2015
Handy I saw this pillow in the catalogue and was curious, it recently went on sale so I bought it. I use it to keep my phone, glasses and pen plus glasses cleaner note and note pad all together. I often misplace my phone and glasses and this keeps things from separating and is easy to carry from room to room. It is very light weight and my phone sits nicely on the little pad or in one of the pockets. Because of the color and size it is easy to see. Now I am not misplacing things and spending too much time looking. December 12, 2014
Great little tech corral I'm one of those people who charges 2-3 devices on her nightstand. I got this to tame the chaos. My Kindle (in a light case) fits perfectly in one of those pockets, as does my smartphone, though my iPad Mini does not. I can put my glasses in a pocket and know exactly where they are in the dark as well. I find this little pyramid immensely helpful in containing the chaos of cables and devices on my nightstand. It's smaller than I expected, but also pretty much the perfect size. A couple years ago I purchased one of these as a gift for a friend in grad school and she loves it. I'm glad I finally got one for myself! November 13, 2014
Great Product This pillow works wonderful. It is lightweight so when using on your lap, it is very comfortable. It also puts your tablet at the right angle for viewing and I love the storage pockets for pens and my cell phone. November 6, 2014
just what I needed for reading in bed I've been looking at these pyramid pillows since they showed up in the catalog, but could not afford one. Then I got a bit ahead, and my husband handed down his iPad 2 to me. I got the Teal and Blue pillow and I love it. I am particularly in love with the little ledge that the device rests on. This is a great product! Thanks for your continued innovation and lovely color designs. October 9, 2014
Great iPad pillow I bought this for my niece to use with her iPad, which she always uses sitting on the floor. This is perfect, especially with the pockets for ear buds or her iPod, She loves it, and it even came in her favorite color! Thanks, Levenger. You never disappoint. July 31, 2014
Ipad perfect I had the Thai pillow before and found it to be heavy and a bit bulky. This pillow is perfect! It is very lightweight and comfortable on my lap. Has a nice ledge that holds my ipad without obscuring any of the screen. Love it! It also works for our toddler grandchild when he wants to play a game or we read. July 24, 2014
Another Winner From Levenger I have using Levenger products for over 20 years and I have never been disappointed in any other products. My latest investment was an iPad Air. I was looking for something I could us to hold it at slightly different angles. Since this product is soft I can "mold" it to the angle I need. June 7, 2014
Love it! I'm so glad I bought this! Every week some friends of mine get together and I always bring my ipad to keep track of some things. I hated having to lean forward to reach it on the table, but keeping it right on my lap was awkward. This is PERFECt both for setting it on the table but also for using it right on my lap. Works landscape and portrait mode. And it's so SOFT! May 2, 2014
I have a IPad 4 and I have found that this product works out great. I have advanced arthritis in my hands and not able to support the IPad. It has helped me out very much. It has not collapsed and I use it a lot everyday. Product is at the top of this page.. March 24, 2014
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