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100 Circa Vivacious Refill 5 5 17 17
Great Product I use the Dual Rule to make a much needed log that has a lot of entries per page. The shaded page allows for easier and faster location of information. The surface is smooth and easy to write on and the page weight makes it durable. I cannot express my delight at finding this product. January 29, 2015
Nice and easy to use I've used the Circa pages to try and organize a project that just seems to keep growing. Due to the ease in adding and removing pages and shuffling the order I've truly enjoyed my work. The pages are thick enough to use with my fountain pen as well as my India ink quill pen. January 7, 2015
Great Deal These sheets are a great deal. I ordered the orange lined sheets for much cheaper than the typical pack. These are the best sheets I have found for taking general notes. October 23, 2014
Hoard this paper now! I saw this in the Outlet and I grew really worried that this is being discontinued. I certainly hope not! This paper is excellent for all types of pens (gel, ballpoint, pencils, fine permanent markers, and of course, fountain pens). I prefer the Cross Dot style which reminds me of the Field Notes Night Skye Reticle pages. This is my favorite paper to use in all my Circa planners. PLEASE LEVENGER, DON'T DISCONTINUE THIS! October 23, 2014
Must hoard Vivacious paper! Sooooo pleased with the performance and feel of this paper with every writing instrument I own, from pencil to ballpoint to rollerball to fountain pen (even with 1.1 mm stub nib) that I keep stocking my desk drawer with more and more refill packs. Yes, I'm hoarding the stuff! It's THAT good. October 20, 2014
Fresh, clean and ready to write on Can't have enough Vivacious refills in my drawer - never want to run out of the fresh, creativity-inspired dots to keep order in my day! Love them! September 11, 2014
Love this paper!! I love getting a bargain any time I can! I love the quality of this paper, the way it holds up! Just love all the choices, etc. Love this store!! September 4, 2014
Love Circa products Dual Rule makes notes easy to read. This is a welcome addition to the great line of Circa products. August 14, 2014
Love Circa products Great quality paper, especiallly for a fountain or rollerball pen. Makes writing a pleasure. August 14, 2014
Too soon old, too late smart The quality of the Circa paper makes me wish both the dot and the grid style had been known to me early in my career. I'm sure that the quality of completely smooth surface, no bleeding through, and CIRCA reorganization capabilities would have enabled me to become a CEO! DO NOT let the quality slip from its current high point. Let all those aspiring young professionals find out how to rise speedily in their chosen fields with CIRCA paper! August 14, 2014
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