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Circa Monthly Tabs Pullout Calendar Junior 4.3 5 4 4
happy with purchase Hesitated for a year but happy to have finally bought it! August 4, 2013
I can have the best of both worlds again! :) I am SO happy that Levenger listened and changed the paper type surface so that I can use a Rollerball without streaks! Hurray! I have so missed being able to do my monthly planning and record key items on the backsides of Monthly Calendar Tabs... I've been a 7-hole JR Day-Timer (dabbling in FC, DR, etc.) for 25 years... BUT... I just LOVE the flexibility that CIRCA allows for... but... plain white just doesn't do it for me and I need color... I found Planner Pads with the perfect 2-pg-week layout for ME... and... so to combine COLOR and have a traditional calendar look with a Sunday start instead of the MONDAY START ARE THESE CALENDARS, I spent maybe too much time customizing and combining them but will reap the benefits all year... I LOVE my personalize Circa Planner using 1" Garnet Discs in a JR Ruby Folio and Vivacious dividers... PERFECT :) January 8, 2013
Pretty Good, Not Great Same great design as 2012, my first year using the Circa system. The problem is this year, the paper is different. instead of having a glossy finish, it's matte, and gray instead of cream. I don't think this would be as noticeable in another system where you change planners, not just pages. In comparison to the 2012 pages, these pages are dull, and frankly cheap looking. Touching them, they don't feel as sturdy. So while I'll still rate this highly for function, I think that the quality and design have taken a dive, and I would only recommend with caveats. Probably next year, if this continues, I'll be shopping for a different planner. October 27, 2012
The return of my favorite! Thank you, Levenger, for listening to all of the feedback on last year's monthly calendar tab refill. When I opened this year's package and saw that the paper was back to the matte paper that worked so well in years past, I did a happy dance. Consider modifying the product description to include the type/weight of the paper - since the refill is just the paper, it's important to note whether it's glossy or matte. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are hesitant to order this year's refill for fear of another set with glossy paper. September 16, 2012
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