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Carbon-F Fountain Pen
  • Carbon-F Fountain Pen
  • Carbon-F Fountain Pen
  • Carbon-F Fountain Pen
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Carbon-F Fountain Pen (M)

Price: $119.00 Now $59.95 Save 50%
Item: AP13120
Aerodynamic carbon fiber meets Art Deco design
Can a fountain pen be high-tech? Yes, when it’s made with genuine woven carbon fiber, as our Carbon-F pen is. The smooth acrylic barrel has the heft you’d expect from this high-performance material, with the added punch of a streamlined clip and gunmetal trim. Our precision stainless steel nib performs with both bottled ink and converter. The threaded cap posts.
  • An original Levenger design
  • Genuine woven carbon fiber encased in clear acrylic
  • German-made stainless steel nib (medium)
  • Includes an ink cartridge in Raven Black
  • 5 1/2L x 5/8 diameter; 1.61 ounces
  • We offer refills
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Carbon F Fountain Pen Medium 4 5 16 16
Carbon-F Fountain Pen I first purchased this over a month ago and I was thrilled. Nice weight, comfortable to use whether it is posted or not, great looks, and a smooth medium nib. And a true medium, not a narrow-ish broad like one usually gets today. My first one developed a cracked cap. Levenger promptly replaced the whole pen. One thing you have to appreciate about this company is their top notch customer service. I wouldn't hold the cracked cap against them. I have just purchased a much more expensive fountain pen from a large and well known manufacture and it has a very poorly adjusted nib.Levenger would just replace it. You would not believe the grief I am getting from the other company. I hope that Levenger continues to keep the Carbon-F in the lineup. It is a great functioning, comfortable pen that looks great without being flashy and can be had a great price. What more could you want? May 13, 2015
Carbon Pen Bought this pen on sale. The ink flowed great right out of the box. The soft feel makes writing easy. It's my new default pen. Recommend this pen for anyone who likes writing with fountain pens. May 7, 2015
Beautiful Pen I love this pen. It is my 9th Levenger Pen. I am continually impressed with the quality of Levenger products. This pen has a good weight, it writes comfortably, and is stunning in black. The pictures don't do it justice. May 1, 2015
Good I like the flow and ease of fountain pen but it's a little to big for my hand. I thought it was a little smaller but loves the way it write and feel of it as far as weight just wish it was a smaller pen April 17, 2015
Satisfied With a Caveat I purchased this for a great price. The weight of the pen is great ... very hefty, and it looks great. So far, it has worked beautifully. The only flaw is that on the first day I used it, it got knocked off my desk and the ring on the cap broke completely off. Customer service quickly shipped me a new cap, and everything has been fine since. April 16, 2015
Great Pen at Great Price The is the most expensive Levenger pen that I have purchased. I am very happy with the pen. It writes great and looks even better. Great weight and quality. I do have to acknowledge that if you don't use the pen often it can sometimes take a little work to get it writing again, but it doesn't take much. March 19, 2015
Lovely pen - great support happy customer I received this pen as a Christmas gift, and loved it. it writes like a dream with no flow problems at all. 2 months later, it fell on the wood floor in our office and cracked thru at the rim, which I had read was a problem for others. I called customer service, and they arranged a replacement and return label in no time. I just hope the replacement is as smooth writing as the original. March 3, 2015
Love this pen Excellent size, feel, and heft. Very comfortable to write with. I haven't had any problems with skipping, as has been reported previously. (I use bottled ink.) Medium nib has the perfect degree of flex. One minor complaint - doesn't look like the pix on the website. Best description is carbon fiber with a very heavy lacquer finish - so heavy it almost obscures the carbon fiber. Not unattractive, just not as pictured. Overall very happy with this pen. April 6, 2014
More Problems I received the pen during the week did not have time to do anything I had contractors working at my house and it was quite hectic. When I was able to try out the pen same problem I had to scratch and scratch to get the pen to write. I could not believe it. And now I have even a bigger problem I dropped the pen it cracked around the rim I glued it with crazy glue you really can't see it but it is scratch scratch scratch to get it to write. March 16, 2014
Not good I received this pen as a gift from my husband since I was covering this modern looking pen . I immediately put the cartridge in and started to write. and nothing. So I flushed the pen and tried again. Nothing. Tried it with a converter and some nice bottled ink. Nothing. Then the pen fell off my desk (well with feline assistance) and the pen broke. I crazy glued it together. It looks nice, but it still doesn't write unless I undo the pen to push down on the plunger to get the ink to flow. I own several fountain pens, waterman, lamy, namiki vanishing point, etc. I love fountain pens.I hate this pen. March 16, 2014
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