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Circa Weekly Agenda Refill Letter 2012 2.2 5 19 19
Disappointed! The paper is thin, and pages come loose easily. Also, there are no notches to allow you to easily open to the day of choice. It worked 2 years ago, but the changes that have been implemented do not provide efficient productivity. January 28, 2013
LOVE the format, not the paper... Paper is a bit too thin to write on both sides without it bleeding through, but I much prefer this format to the previous years. January 17, 2012
Better Paper Quality I agree with the majority of the reviews here. The 2012 agenda - not going to be a stellar year. I spent an hour searching other company's products.... still looking. The good news is that with the 100 wt paper, I can write with my fine nib fountain pen and not have the ink bleed through/be exceptionally visible on the reverse side. January 4, 2012
Circa Planner Refills I loved my 2011 Circa Planner, but the changes made for 2012 have changed my mind. The pages seems to have much less space for writing in appointments/tasks. I don't like the check boxes - they take up too much space. There are no more monthly spreads or monthly note pages. I am very disapointed by the new format. I may have to get another planner. January 3, 2012
All read & still dismayed I read the reviews of the 2012 circa calendar refill changes...but being a creature of habit (and loving my circa), I bought it anyway. It cannot be said enough that the changes -- meaning NO monthly view AND no overlap in days so my monthly dividers literally cut off one month or another nearly EVERY time. Please, please, please go back to the older version. This one is not conducive for productivity. January 2, 2012
Oh my! My partner just bought these for both of us, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed. Although the pages are the same size, it feels like there is MUCH less room to write things -- I really used the few lines for before 8am, as I include early morning appointments, plans, and chores in my day-to-day agenda. Where are the monthly To-Do lists and the recaps?? I loved planning and recapping. And where is the monthly calendar? I got the refill for 30% off, but I do not think it's even worth $5! December 31, 2011
I bought the weekly planner and I am also very disappointed that it doesn't have a whole month at a glance. I went to the shop in Macys in Chicago and I had to buy the monthly tabs separate too. I thought I saw a month at a glance page included in one of these packets but when I got home it wasn't. Very disappointed! December 14, 2011
Disappointed with 2012 This is my 3rd year and am disappointed in the lack of Monthly calendars and the monthly note page. I rely heavily on seeing the monthly picture. I bought my daughter one too and cannot see spending another $50 for us both to have the months. Without them, the system is much less effective for me. December 5, 2011
2012 Calendar Refill Sadly, I purchased the 2012 refill before I read the reviews. I rely almost exclusively on the Month at a glance and am lost without it. Like another customer, I too will buy another calendar and use my punch. November 21, 2011
needs a complete redesign I am a huge Levnger fan but have never been pleased with teh calendar - I have always needed to buy the extra monthly tabs ( including the pull out calendar which I don't use). After reading the reviews for the 2012 , I bought another calendar package at the office supply store and used my Circa punch. I'm much happier with a two page monthly calendar, weekly pages and notes section for next months. Levenger needs to offer options instead of one package each year. November 14, 2011
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