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6 Levenger Fiber Tip Refills-Medium

Price: $22.00
Item: PR1445
Use a fiber tip for a smooth write
Levenger Fiber Tip Refills offer a smooth, effortless write, thanks to the fiber (felt) tip. Fiber tips are good for doing lots of signatures (think about those old Flair pens) and there are many people who swear by them.
  • Writing tip is spring loaded (with a polyester ink reservoir) to adjust to your writing pressure-a nice feature
  • Fits any of our True Writer Rollerball Pens
  • Ink dries quickly, which is very helpful for left-handed writers
  • Extra Fine is .8mm, write out is 2624 feet
  • Broad is 2mm, write out is 1968 feet
  • Medium is 1mm, write out is 1640 feet
  • Tube is nickel-plated brass, the front section is plastic with a stainless steel tube
  • End plug and cap are in the color of the ink refill
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A Smooth Writing Experience I have been using these Fiber Tip Refills in medium for over a month now and have been quite pleased with their functionality. The life-span of this refill is not as long as perhaps a ballpoint refill; on that note, though, these refills are not ballpoint refills. I have also not experienced what the previous reviewer experienced, in that my refills have not been drying out prematurely. As a matter of fact, my refills have been writing well until emptied. The smooth writing paired with the pressure-sensitive spring feature afford the writer a supreme writing experience. March 19, 2013
Terrible product I rarely write reviews for anything; just don't have the time. But I felt compelled to write something about this product because it is so awful. I liked the way that it wrote, felt like it was smooth, etc. BUT if you do not use it constantly, multiple times a day, each day, it will dry up. Case in point. I put in a new refill on Friday, did not use it until today (4 days later) and it is dry. Worked fine last friday. This is typical for this product. A complete waste of money. Just awful. I will have to find another refill, or get a pen from another company. That is the other problem, as an aside; the Levenger pens really do not have options for better refills from other more reliable companies. April 24, 2012
New Colors PLease I love both these and the ball point cartridges however I want more color selections, Pink, Green, Purple to name what are probably the ones the most people would like Can you answer to let me know if this is in our future,?? April 15, 2012
Take the good with the not so good The good first: the color of the blue ink is vibrant. I ordered the broad and would re-order in medium. The broad is about the thickness of a regular Sharpie. Much too thick for average daily use. It would have been helpful to see the chart on the back of the packet on the website. To top it off, I bought the six-pack. Also, after 2 days of use, the tip mysterioulsy tucked itself into the casing and had to be tossed. April 8, 2011
I wish they lasted longer These don't last long enough. I am not satisfied with the quality or value. August 7, 2010
PERFECT for Levenger Calendars I have been a ROLLERBALL writer for years and use several colors on a daily basis however the Levenger Circa Monthly Pages do NOT like them! I decided to try these in the extra-fine Black and am so glad I did ~ They write so smooth with crisp dark ink that dries very quickly. Although now I underline to highlight my category color with Colored Pencils instead of using a Rollerball, the combination will be a pleasure to get used to because these refills are so wonderful!!!!! =) January 28, 2010
Great, but NOT spring loaded! I love my Faber-Castell pen and their fine-tip points and refills, but the Levenger blue refills are not spring loaded, which is contrary to what's indicated on the Levenger website. December 22, 2008
Suprisingly good I have an old silver Levenger 925 pen in which I had been using rollerball refills. This pen has been my favorite everyday use pen. On a lark I thought that I'd try the fiber tip refills. These refills flow better than the rollerball refills and are much more expressive. If they last as long as the rollerball refills I would recommend trying them. December 8, 2008
Most comfortable pen ever Because I am a special education teacher, I write daily assessments on my students and find my hand tires usually. But not with this pen! It's smooth fiber tip takes less effort to make it work! February 1, 2008
Smooth Ride! My husband fell in love with the medium felt tip pen at the store, and had to bring a new pen and refills home. 2 weeks and 4 extra trips to the store later, I also bought a True Writer, to be used exclusively with the EF felt tip pen. It writes beautifully and the feel is smooth, especially with the extra "bounce" from the spring. Please consider selling these refills in lavender or brown. I would most definitely buy two extra pens for these colors. November 27, 2007
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