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Smooth But Loud The Circa Vortex aluminum 1" disks are well made: nice and smooth and a bit thinner than their plastic counterparts. That means that pages in my Circa notebooks turn more smoothly than with the plastic disks. As an added bonus, Vortex is stylish without being flashy. The one downside to the aluminum disks is that they clunk loudly on my desk at work whenever I set the notebook down. I have to be very gentle to avoid startling everyone in the office. August 12, 2014
Useful with a bit of style I exclusively use Circa for all my professional and home planning and note taking. I find prefer the metal discs and these have a nice design detail that adds a bit of style to my meeting notebook. Also I could pop one out and use the mesmerizing design to hypnotize my client to unquestionably accept the change order we are discussing. March 15, 2014
Words Disc Great product. Love how the aluminum feels and like the looks of them as well. February 24, 2014
love the variety of Circa discs Love the fact that some of the aluminum discs have some design to them now. Although some of the solid colors are good too. These aluminum ones work great for putting together a circa notebook. I have had no issues with any of the aluminum ones I have purchased so far. Occasionally, but not often, I've had a plastic one that was warped and the pages then do not turn well on the discs. Have to take out of the notebook then. Found that my notebooks still function ok with a couple less discs if need be. Still get the plastics discs too at times for the variety and colors. Just makes the notebooks more fun. Overall though feel the discs are pricey so gave only 3 stars on value. January 1, 2014
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