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LTech Plus Rollerball with Stylus 4.5 5 11 11
Excellent quality Quality pen and excellent balance/weight. I love it! November 26, 2013
Functional & stylish pen As others have noted, this is NOT a feminine pen - it is sturdy and relatively heavy. However, I have somewhat large hands and the pen feels perfect. I like that the stylus can be used without opening the pen - makes it easier & more efficient. I also like the way the pen looks. I am very hard on pens, but I think this is one that will hold up to my habits. October 13, 2013
High Quality and Hefty As a 6'3" man with large hands, I wanted a pen that didn't feel like I was writing with a toothpick. I am an avid writer who likes to jot down notes on the fly in my daily planner/journal. I like the flow of roller-balls vs. ball point pens however I shied away from the more expensive roller-ball pens because most of them have snap caps where the pen would fall out of my planner/journal pen loop, leaving me with only the cap. Not the case with the L-Tech Plus and the screw-on cap/stylus. I can now carry a roller-ball pen without the concern of it accidentally falling out of my planner/journal. The stylus is functional when working with my iPhone/iPad and the pen writes great, although I had to switch to a gel ink to prevent bleed through in my planner/journal. Note that this is a large and heavy pen. I love it, however I can imagine it would cause some writing fatique for a petite lady or anyone who likes smaller, lightweight pens. I would like to see some more colors offered similar to the ballpoint version. Perhaps carbon fiber! September 11, 2013
L-Tech Plus Rollerball with Stylus This pen is not for the faint of heart or small of hand. More like a weapon then a business instrument yet undeniably well crafted in design and flawless in function. I thought of exchanging it for a smaller version but the heft and weight eventually grew on me. Now I'm thinking of taking Kubaton training; thanks Levenger for helping me expand my horizons. September 7, 2013
Great Multi-Functional Pen This is a well thought out and wonderfully constructed pen of great value. I would have expected to pay twice as much as I did. July 8, 2013
Great Versatility!! Although this pen is well-made and a bit heavy (which I have gotten used to), I think its a bit expensive. That said, this is my second one because someone in my office "permanently borrowed" my first one. I highly recommend this pen for its dual versatility. You won' need to use anything else--especially since you can change refill with the type of nib you want (roller ball, fiber tip). June 27, 2013
Great Guy Gift I've already purchased the L-Tech Fountain Pen for my husband and Rollerball for daughter's significant other. About to order one for my son. Everyone loves the heft and modern appearance of this product. Great price, beautiful to look at, and very functional. What more can you ask of a pen? June 8, 2013
Wonderful Idea! This is a fabulous writing and tablet navigation instrument. Great style, nice solid hand-feel. A gem! May 4, 2013
L-Tech stylus rollerball Writes very well, nice balance with cap on back. Consequently, great dual purpose utility. A little bulkier and heavier than my normal preference. A slimmer version would be appreciated. Summary; technically excellent my only issues are personal and should not apply to all. April 20, 2013
Big! I recieved the stylus rollerball for my birthday and I really like it. Be forewarned: it is heavy and big. The stylus is designed much more for an iPad or other tablet computer than it is for a smart phone. It is also more useful to tap on icons rather than slide pages. I also got the iPad folio with pen sleeve which I also like very much, but fitting this behemouth in the pen sleeve of the folio is no easy task. April 18, 2013
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