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Moneybiz Clip Leather Wallet

Price: $45.00
Item: AL8185
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Here’s a wallet for the man who puts his money where his business is. The Moneybiz Money Clip is an ultra-slim front pocket men's leather wallet that will hold business or credit cards along with cash.
  • Made of full-grain leather
  • Strong magnetic clip that comfortably holds up to 15 bills
  • Card pouch holds a dozen business cards or 6 credit cards and cash
  • Thumb notch on card pouch for easy retrieval
  • 2 3/4W x 1/2D x 3 1/2H

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Moneybiz Clip 3.7 5 47 47
Great for years... I've had this wallet for about 8 years and have to say that I've never had a problem with it! Sure, the cards are loose enough to fall out in the pouch (I have 3 money cards, my driving licence and a couple of business cards), but because I'm aware of this I've never lost a card. The magnetic clip is strong enough to hold up to 10 folded bills without losing it's grip. I've used this everyday and apart from the fact that my stamped initials are barely visible anymore, the wallet itself only has shiny wear markings. Maybe since I got this one they've changed materials for this, but mine is definitely fantastic tool and I'll be replacing with the same 'if' I ever need to.... June 11, 2014
Bad Design Purchased this last yr. , with initials. Found that putting credit cards in the one pocket allowed them to fall out if turned upside down. Lost one in a bar. Bought a better designed one from Mullhollund. No one ever tested design for practicality. January 23, 2014
Recommend with caution The magnets are not strong enough to hold more than a few folded bills. A stronger magnet or a spring clip would improve this. Also, the location of the clip should be adjusted so that the bills do not extend past the profile of the wallet. Stylish & well made, but function trumps style in determining value. January 18, 2014
lousy product Very poor design.The clip cannot hold many bills and the mechanism to hold the bills is not strong enough.I tried to put 10 $20 bills and it kept opening itself and the whole thing looks ungainly. December 14, 2013
Poor Design I received this as a gift and was impressed with the look and the quality of the material, but the functional design could have been so much better. I agree with one of the other writers that the money clip is turned the wrong way (opposite from the opening for cards) and more importantly, it is attached 1/2 inch from the end of the wallet which causes your bills, when folded, to extend out beyond the wallet. Even when turning the bills as shown in your picture, the bills extend beyond the wallet. I would suggest that you consider moving the clip closer to the end of the wallet for a cleaner function. also a couple of card slots on the opposite side would be a nice addition. I love your items, but I think the changes to this product were not improvements. July 13, 2012
VERY disappointed I purchased this wallet for my son-in-law for Christmas as he really loved it when he saw it in your catalog. He and his family live in NC and I am here visiting. My daughter just told me that he is very disappointed in it since the area where he puts his credit cards has stretched out so much that now his cards fall out. I see from other comments that several people have had the same problem. He no longer uses the walltet and I feel very badly that the product is now useless and a waste of money. I am learly about buying anything else from you which is a shame because he really likes other items in your catalog. May 1, 2012
clip goes wrong direction this is a replacement for the same wallet, the orientation of the clip is away from the opening for the cards(different from my last one) and they will fall out if you aren't careful. i literally wore out my last one, the quality is great, this one design change was not beneficial. i will keep it, but would replace it when the design changes back. February 13, 2012
almost Clip faces wrong direction, should open w/ cards. May 19, 2010
The Best I have ever owned. I am ordering my third one, and also one for a close friend who noticed mine and liked it. In short it is fantastic. I have used this format wallet for about 15 years now. Before Levenger and this particular wallet, I used one that had a metal clip, covered in thin leather. It would not erase credit cards, but the metal clip would quickly wear through the slim leather covering and then you were dealing with metal edges in your pocket. So, this magnet version was a great change over for me, and the total quality of this wallet is fantastic. I have never had the first problem, in about 10 years of use, of erasing a credit card. I have however, erased a hard drive on a laptop once. I pulled the wallet out of my pocket to grab a credit card to order something online, and accidentally set it down on my laptop. Ouch. But other than that one bad experience, I obviously love the wallet. LIke I said I am writing this review while ordering my 3rd and a first one for a friend. I would also tell you that you need to be careful with how many cards you put it, because it will grow. And once you put in too many, it will expand to compensate, and then you cannot go back down in number of cards without them becoming loose, and falling out. Mu current one has expanded to 15 cards, a couple of blank checks, and a license! Be prudent with the volume of cards you place in it. March 9, 2010
Money magnet clip This wallet is fine if you don't mind the direction the money clip opens. The money clip opens from the opposite end where you slide in your credit cards. When you take cash out of the money clip be sure to not let your cards slide out (more so once the wallet gets broken in). August 19, 2009
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