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Note Card Bleachers

Price: $79.00
Item: AD6755
Storyboard your ideas with our index card holder
This note card organizer needs a small amount of space to keep myriad ideas in motion and in view. Use this card holder to arrange your note cards by topic, priority or deadline. We include 150 of our high-quality 3 x 5 cards.
  • 6 rows for holding 3 x 5s, 4 x 6s or our business card-size Wallet Cards
  • Slots in back hold 4 pens and extra cards
  • Includes 150 of our high-quality 3 x 5 cards
  • Cherry veneer in a natural or dark cherry finish
  • 2 1/2 pounds
  • 19W x 3D x 6H

Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Note Card Bleachers 4.9 5 62 62
Note Card Bleacher Poem Made of wood I think you should order one or two You won't believe The organization This will bring to you Attractive, Unique and stylish too Cards come in white Green and Blue There are cards with lines and Cards with squares Cards that are blank And cards for spares You don't have to be a teacher To own a note card bleacher No matter what it is you do This desk accessory is for you April 14, 2010
I get space back! This is a great product! Until I came across it, my 3x5 cards were scattered everywhere, eating up desk space. Now I'm able to keep things organized and reclaim my precious work space! July 31, 2014
Elegant, functional I've had my eye on this for quite a while, and finally took the plunge. This index card holder is extremely elegant looking, and has cleared my desk and monitors of a myriad of Post-It notes - my former organizational method before I switched to 3 x 5 index cards. I've recently purchased a variety of Levenger cards, and also design and print my own, so I can use these bleachers to organize anything I can think of. One thing I'd love to see changed/improved is the rear access to the pen and spare card slots. I'd prefer they were set slightly back and raised, to allow the pens and blank cards to peep straight up from behind. As it stands, I'm forced to move the bleachers around for access, which can be awkward, since the bleachers take a fairly sizeable amount of desk real estate. Also, while the majority of the back of this item is nicely finished, the interior of the pen wells and card slots are not - something to be aware of if the back will be visible, particularly with the dark cherry option. The pen wells, at least, really should be painted/stained. For wish list items, the dark cherry is rich looking, but doesn't really match either of my desks (it's darker than the medium cherry desk and slightly darker and warmer/redder than the espresso one). It would be great to have more finish options to choose from for Levenger's wood items - a neutral black would be fantastic. Overall, a very good item. July 8, 2014
Very useful I write and this is a great way to keep tract notes I want to add to my stories. I use it daily. It's pricey, but worth it. June 19, 2014
Beautiful Piece This is a gorgeous addition to any desk. Offers organization as well as elegance. May 3, 2014
Great idea and beautiful organization piece I've just started using this product and already I am loving the increased sense of organization it brings to my day. No more messy "to do" lists! Each task is organized by level and there's plenty of room for notes about each task on the 3x5 cards I've stacked there. Several colleagues have noticed this beautiful piece in my office and I suspect you'll get a few more orders in the next couple of months ....! February 16, 2014
Excellent for LEAN management If you are a LEAN practitioner, especially just starting out, these bleachers are an excellent way to visually display projects and status. I use the 3x5 cards from Levenger to display each of my department's projects, and weekly we discuss and add progress notes for each one. The bleachers are in an open space where all can view our projects. Colored pens and extra cards are in the back in the handy slots provided. A must-have to keep things visual! November 30, 2013
Great addition to my office I have been eyeing the bleachers for some time, and I finally took the plunge. I'm glad I did! It has helped me clear the clutter on my desk, and it is stylish to boot. The material is of high quality. In theory, I like the fact that there's space in the back to hold extra notecards and pens, but it is not very practical for where I'm putting the bleachers (i.e., on my desk against the wall). November 27, 2013
Great desk accessory I love this — it has a very slim profile, and it is the ideal desk accessory. It helps to eliminate a lot of the clutter on my desk, in a very stylish way. October 26, 2013
Pleasing look, great for sorting out projects Aesthetically pleasing to use, and dark wood version looks at home in my living room, not just office. What isn't apparent in the picture is that the bleachers aren't flat across the face. They have a pleasing curve (convex), which both looks classy, and prevents it from being knocked over easily. I am using to organize and move around to-do's for a couple projects with a lot of moving parts (hosting a dinner party, business mtg with a lot of prep), replacing my system of moving around post-it notes on a wall/file cabinet. Has the advantage I can pick the whole unit up and move it to wherever I'm doing my planning, or put in visible place overnight (center of desk, dresser, dining rm table) to give a visual reminder of actions to start on in the morning. Also a single card can be taken with you to refer to, or entire project can be removed and rubber banded. Nice that it has 4 pen slots, so you can keep several color-coding highlighters at hand. I like smaller cards, so I use old business cards, or cut ithe ndex cards in half Mine did have a small defect (hidden nail in bottom of one slot on lower right prevented the card there from sliding or sitting neatly), but Levenger immediately shipped out replacement, and allowed me to keep using defective one until that arrived. Expensive at full price, but a good value at the sale price I paid. I'd recommend it if you're a visual organizer, have trouble sequencing complex projects, or like to just carry some index cards around instead of a full planner notebook. July 29, 2013
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