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True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen 4.1 5 15 15
leaves ink I have this pen and it is beautiful to handle but i found out later that it was leaving ink on my fingers. March 11, 2013
Wonderful pen, but it could be a trap... Sleek pen, I enjoy the screw-on cap and its fluid writing. Great pen, save for one thing--every time I write with it, I somehow find blotches of ink all over my finger. I've had a fountain pen before and that never happened. The funny thing is that I've tried to figure out where the ink is coming from, but have found nothing. I have traced all contact areas with my fingers and get nothing. But EVERYTIME I write, my fingers are royally inked up. If I am missing something here, I would appreciate any answers. January 28, 2013
Awesome value pen I ordered the True Writer Obsidian after losing my Sea Glass pen, which I still hope to find. I was sorely missing the feel and the romance (for lack of a better word) of writing with a fountain pen. I'd been looking for my lost one for months and decided to purchase something a little more "economy" until I could afford to replace, or better yet find, my Sea Glass pen. So far I have not been disappointed with the Obsidian. It didn't start right away, but once it did, the writing was smooth and the ink flow steady. The only thing I wished, was that the pen had a little more heft to it. A slightly thicker barrel would be nice, but otherwise I have no complaints about this pen and would recommend to anyone looking to start their fountain pen obsession, I mean collection ;-) May 2, 2012
Truewriters Smooth writing, fine nib writes immediately even if the pen sits in a drawer over a week. Love the lightness, unpretentious style, overall quality for the price. I own a lot of pens, but I grab one of several Truewriters when I want to work. Most of the expensive pens I own are displayed under glass, and most of them can't perform as well. I use a medical syringe to refill cartridges from bulk ink, as I prefer to keep the pen light. March 18, 2012
What a wonderful pen I'm 27 years old, and have been keeping a journal since I was 10. Over the years I have had a couple of fountain pens, I always preferred them to anything else, one was my grandfather's and the other was quite cheep and didn't last very long. When my grandfather's stopped working I gave up on them, until one year ago. I bought this pen on a whim, it was what I could afford and I knew Levenger from pens and pencils that my father had owned through the years. I chose the Obsidian for it's classic look, the simple style of it matches the pens my grandfather used as a Philosophy Professor and a Unitarian Minister. I would consider myself to be a writer, I am always at it, either in my journals or stories, writing about motorcycles, adventures, ideas, etc. It's an all the time thing for me, pages a day, and while some is done on the computer, I have Always preferred pen and ink. This Obsidian pen is glorious. You get more than what you pay for. Mine is smooth and easy, it flies across the page, the ink flow is superb. I use Levenger ink with it and find it to be quite nice, it dries fast and doesn't smear. One thing you can expect with this pen is that as you write with your fill in the beginning (after you have filled the pen) the ink is very heavy, and as days pass it becomes finer and sharper. But be aware that if you are writing a document and you run out half way through you might stop for a minute and ramble on another page for a paragraph or too until you get the ink flow to be more refined before you continue on - this will keep your page more uniformed. I will try to upload a picture showing what I mean. I would recommend this pen to anyone who is looking for a daily pen, a work horse, but something with style - that you can use for the rest of your life. I would also recommend that you use the inside that draws ink instead of cartridges. Another suggestion is to have a paper towel on hand, or an old hanky so that you can wipe off the plastic end of the nib after you refill your pen, as once the ink bottle is empty full you have to get creative to fill the pen and unless you wipe it off after you can get some on your fingers. That said I wouldn't hold that against the pen, refilling takes but a moment, and this isn't the pen's fault. Just a suggestion. July 14, 2011
GREAT first fountain pen This was my first fountain pen, and it is a great starter. I ordered the True Writer Obsidian with a Medium Nib and a bottle of Levenger Cobalt Blue. The instructions for using the included converter were easy to follow. Shipping was quick and well-packed. I plan to order more products from Levenger in the future. July 8, 2011
Simplicity, Functionality, Value. With worsening arthritis & need for firm steady grip with most pens, my handwriting became an ugly scribble. I reached a point (sorry, couldn't resist) where I stopped writing letters altogether. Saw the recommendations on your web site, and tried one. Bought the True Writer 'Obsidian', some ink cartridges, a bottle of ink, and the nib sampler 'four-pac'. Just a few days and the hand began to relax, eased the pressure on the tip, and writing improved to a remarkable degree. The True Writer does what is claimed. More relaxed writing, more improved writing. I will purchase more. -I would prefer a barrel surface with more texture to ease the grip further. -I would also like a larger diameter barrel ( Plumpster ) -I am still as clumsy and inept with bottled ink as I was in 1960........ I am a cartridge person. -I use the 'fine' nib, and the 'stub' for most all my needs. I use the 'medium' for notes. As yet, I don't have a use for the 'broad' nib, but I'll bet that sucker would make great road signs!! Took the silicon sleeve off a ballpoint and managed to slowly work it on the barrel. Sorta like when I used to re-grip my golf clubs. THIS is truly great!! I can write much better, much easier, and with no real tension in the grip. Build a barrel with one of these inset, and you'll corner the market. Hope the photos are passable. Thanks February 19, 2011
Very Decent Pen At its price point, this is a very good pen. With the cap posted, I find the size, balance and heft of the pen to be great for me. As others have mentioned, the fine nib lays down a broader line than many may expect. The obsidian color for this pen may cheapen its look a bit. If I was ordering this again, I would choose another color. The deep black has the look of pricier pens, but that highlights the less refined chrome accent pieces. Of course, these are purely subjective opinions. For function and value, this pen is tough to beat. June 19, 2010
My Favorite Pen I love this pen. I do a lot of hand written reports and this pen can make a bold line or a fine line and is very visible when copied, faxed or scanned. I get many compliments in the conference rooms when I use my pen. This is my signature pen, always around me neck. My pen dropped and rolled down the crack of the elevator from the 17th floor. The maintenance people found my pen, the tip did not survive, but I called Levenger and they replaced my pen with no hesitation. I appreciate that kind of customer service. I will be a customer of Levenger for life! Thank you! October 19, 2009
Good. For the Price. Let's be clear. This is no Mont Blanc. There are quality issues with this pen that I've experienced first-hand. That said, it's a good throw-around fountain pen if you're so disposed (as I am) to have one for daily use. The pen shows wear well, but there's one major hangup. Fine is nowhere near Fine on most pens. It's more of a cross between Medium and Bold in other brands. That said, if you're okay with that, it's a good buy. For the price. October 23, 2008
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