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Waterford Kilbarry Emerald Isle Ftn. Pen

Price: $155.00
Item: AP13090
Sure, and ’tis a grand green fountain pen!
On the Emerald Isle of Ireland in the parish of Kilbarry is found one of the world’s foremost makers of crystal -- and fine pens: Waterford. The company’s craftsmanship is beautifully evident on this brilliant green pen, whose brass barrel is engraved with a delicate guilloche that’s lacquered to a high gloss. A generous 1/2-inch in diameter, this robust pen is crowned with the Waterford cut star.

Own an authentic piece of Ireland with this fine Waterford pen
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Waterford Kilbarry Emerald Isle Fountain Pen 1 5 1 1
Beautiful to look at. I'm happy with the pen, but after a week of using it the clip on it bent sideways, I bent it back. I’m vary disappointed in the quality of the clip. I have many other high end pens, for years and they have never bent on me. This pen is a beautiful addition to my collection, but sadly I’m afraid to use it or carry it on my person, to avoid bend the clip again. Update, I contacted the manufacturer, (note: It is not Waterford, I emailed them and they said point blank contacted this company). SO I have not heard form this other company. May 7, 2013
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