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Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard

Price: $15.00
Item: PR0605
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Cartridges and other pen refills ship free 
(excluding bottled ink)
Top-notch fountain pen ink cartridges by Levenger
Levenger inks have all the properties that bottled ink should have, and are available in a panoply of vivid and expressive colors.
  • Lightfast
  • Fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Standard cartridges are 1 1/2" long, feature an International end and come 16 to a box
  • All Levenger fountain pen barrels allow room to accommodate a spare ink cartridge
Levenger Ink Cartridges 16 Standard 4.5 5 43 43
Poem, The Ink is My Voice The ink flows much as my blood, flowing, coursing onto page, creating poetry to give to the world. This ink is so fine it leaves the tip of the pen in a smooth line adding body to my words, giving shape to my inner most thoughts. Each color be it black, forest green, regal, or claret, is stunning and clear on the page. Clarity that often skips my mind becomes clear with the swipe of the pen. Each cartridge sits carefully tucked in a drawer, laying on a bed of long forgotten velvet that once belonged to my childhood wardrobe. Somehow I think memories flow from velvet to ink, then transform ideas into beauty of color and pattern. The call of ink to become the written word beacons and cartridge replaced easily so words are not stalled. My voice is heard because of this ink, it sings, preaches, digresses, implores. My voice is magical in amethyst, coloring page and imagination. April 14, 2010
Great selection of color and good quality! So far i have tried and used 2 different colors of ink cartridges: cobalt blue and claret. Both are showing on paper pretty much like they do on the computer screen. I especially like the claret hue. The ink in the cartridges is easy to attch into the pens I use, and ink flows easily after 2-3 good shakes. The flow is consistent enough even with fine nibs and it dries within a reasonable amount of time compared with other inks I use (Pelikan and Waterman mostly). My only gripe is regarding price-to-quantity ratio: The price for cartridges is a little steep for what other cartridges sell for, and the cartridges are only 80-85% full of ink - less than most other (even generic) cartridges. I am however willing to put up with the price for the nice selection and cool colors in stock. April 20, 2013
Love the inks; want wilder colors I love my fountain pens and enjoy the amethyst, bahama blue, teal, and shiraz colors, but I would love to see more outre colors like magenta or orange/rust. January 16, 2013
LadyPagan1 I have purchased these cartridges in several colours to interchange in my Levenger True Writer pens. I have not been disappointed with quality, longevity, or vibrancy. These have all three. I also use Levenger bottled inks, but I like the convenience of the cartridges. My only complaint is that the company discontinued the "Slightly Wild" family of colours. I miss my Pinkly! As to the comments of another reviewer with the colour inconsistency, I would suggest changing the paper you write on to a brighter white. Or, perhaps a finer nib? Thus far, I have never had a problem with the colour not coming out how it was represented from the box. October 22, 2012
Colors appear different I just received my order for refills and tried both of my new colors out. The Shiraz is beautiful, although it is more of a grape color. The Bahama is quite a different story. I was hoping, judging from the picture online, for a bright blue that was very summery. What I got was just plain old blue...it was far darker than I was wanting and lacked that pop of color effect when writing. Overall, I enjoy the Levenger inks, but the colors seem to be more on the drab side. June 30, 2011
Great Starter/Daily Pen I have a basic True Writer and I use brown ink cartridges. I love the Brown ink as it is dark enough to photocopy, but unique, so my notes stand out. I haven't had any problems with ink flow except when I have let the ink run totally dry, or have not used the pen in a while (like when my kids swiped it and I didn't find it for weeks). In those cases, I just ran some tepid water through the nib until it ran almost clear (about 5 minutes, maybe less), then put the nib back on, and after a few swirls to get the water out of the nib, it was fine. My understanding is that is not uncommon in fountain pens, so that's not a complaint. December 14, 2010
Perfect color! The 'True Teal" is as shown in the catalog. I love this color and will reorder! To me, it's a true blue green! And, free shipping for the cartridges. What a find! October 9, 2010
WONDERFUL COLORS/QUALITY I really love the selection of colors that are available and the fact that the ink dries very fast. I believe it is a very high quality ink and recommend this ink to anyone I meet that is a fountain pen collector/user. October 6, 2010
Very good ink I have a Waterman pen with ink flow problems, and this is the only ink that ensures homogeneous, trouble-free flow. This is because of its somewhat watery quality, which makes it perfect for this pen, but perhaps not so perfect for other pens. As usual, it is a matter of finding the match. Another good quality: Levenger inks have a gloss that very few other inks have. Recommended! May 25, 2010
Great ink, great color! Empyrean is a GREAT color. Just bought a Waterman Edson Sterling Ltd Edition and this is far better than the Waterman ink, which is wimpy in hue, bleeds and feathers easily with quick fade. Empyrean is a rich midnight blue/blue black. Love it! March 4, 2010
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