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Raffinato Travel Wallet 4 5 2 2
Quality + Frustration This wallet is well crafted, made from quality leather, and had a great idea; let's make the coin purse removable! But in the design stage, they failed to make it so that the zipper for the coin purse can face the outside of the wallet fold. If you want to access the coins, you have to unfold the wallet. If you try to reverse the purse, the wallet does not fold properly; it folds in a lop-sided fashion. If I had played with this in a store for a few minutes, I would have noticed this and not purchased it. As it is, I alternate between having a nicely folded wallet and easy access to the coin purse. September 29, 2012
Just as described! I have to say that this wallet exceeds my expectations, at least so far. I bought it in the Sienna color (easier to see in the depths of my purse!) and the color is both bright and soft. The leather is simply buttery. I like the ability to remove the coin purse for those times that the wallet will find itself in a smaller purse. Here"s hoping it wears well. The stiching looks as if it will hold up. August 6, 2012
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Price: $99.00