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Alexa Double-Zip Handbag

Item: AL14105

Price: $199.00

Alexa Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL14110

Price: $199.00

Alexa Backpack

Item: AL14115

Price: $199.00-$249.00

Alexa Multi-Strap Phone Wallet

Item: AL14120

Price: $129.00

Doppel Bag

Item: AN2160

Price: $50.00

Luna Pouch Set (set of 2)

Item: AL14060

Price: $69.00

Luggage ID Kit

Item: AL14065

Price: $49.00

Jump Cable, Lightning

Item: AD7965

Price: $50.00

Key Cable, Lightning

Item: AD7970

Price: $30.00

Belt Cable, Twinhead Lightning

Item: AD7975

Price: $40.00

Belt Cable, Lightning

Item: AD7980

Price: $25.00

Night Cable, Lightning

Item: AD7985

Price: $40.00

Pocket-Friendly Portable Charger

Item: AD8275

Price: $40.00

Golf Bag Pen Holder

Item: AN2130

Price: $39.00

TeeVee Table Clock

Item: AD8160

Price: $85.00

Sidekick Tray Table

Item: FA4720

Price: $299.00

Stanley Side Table

Item: FA4725

Price: $349.00

2018 Circa smartPlanner Weekly Agenda Refill

Item: ADS9105

Price: $29.00-$39.00

2018 Circa smartPlanner Weekly Agenda & Folio

Item: AL13705

Price: $149.00-$169.00

2018 Daily Calendar Cards

Item: ADS8815

Price: $29.00

2018 Weekly Margin Calendar

Item: ADS5595

Price: $16.00

Journey Rug - Mocha/Multi

Item: RF1150

Price: $399.00-$819.00

Kingston Rug - Cream/Multi

Item: RF1220

Price: $259.00-$739.00

Torrance Rug- Ivory/Beige

Item: RF1480

Price: $259.00-$719.00

Journey Rug - Blue/Indigo

Item: RF1215

Price: $399.00-$819.00

Kingston Rug - Dark Taupe/Multi

Item: RF1230

Price: $259.00-$739.00

Torrance Rug - Beige/Grey

Item: RF1485

Price: $259.00-$719.00

Journey Rug - Antique Ivory/Beige

Item: RF1175

Price: $399.00-$819.00

Kingston Rug - Ivory/Blue

Item: RF1250

Price: $259.00-$739.00

Torrance Rug - Sand

Item: RF1525

Price: $259.00-$719.00

Monteverde Artista Ballpoint

Item: AP14668

Price: $35.00 Now $19.95

Austin Messenger

Item: AL14130

Price: $269.00

Monteverde Impressa Pearl Fountain Pen

Item: AP14670

Price: $55.00 Now $29.95

Monteverde Impressa Pearl Rollerball

Item: AP14675

Price: $45.00 Now $24.95

Monteverde Impressa Pearl Ballpoint

Item: AP14678

Price: $40.00 Now $19.95

PurseN® Handbag Organizer

Item: AM2755

Price: $64.00

PurseN® Tiara Mini

Item: AM2750

Price: $42.00

PurseN® Classic Pouch

Item: AM2745

Price: $24.00

RFID Mini ID Wallet

Item: AL13430

Price: $69.00 Now $59.00

RFID Card Stack Wallet

Item: AL13435

Price: $39.00 Now $29.00

RFID Flipfold Wallet

Item: AL13440

Price: $79.00

RFID Trifold ID Wallet

Item: AL13450

Price: $69.00 Now $55.00

Cross Tech3+ Multifunction Pen

Item: AP14488

Price: $60.00-$125.00

Cross Botanica Fountain Pen

Item: AP14600

Price: $130.00-$150.00

Cross Botanica Rollerball

Item: AP14605

Price: $110.00-$125.00

Cross Botanica Ballpoint

Item: AP14608

Price: $95.00-$110.00

Cross Century II Black Fountain Pen

Item: AP14610

Price: $130.00

Cross Century II Black Rollerball

Item: AP14615

Price: $110.00

Cross Century II Black Ballpoint

Item: AP14618

Price: $95.00

300 Circa Dot Grid Refill Sheets

Item: ADS9385

Price: $34.00-$39.00

Cross Ballpoint Refill, Black

Item: PR0190

Price: $6.25

Privacy Passport Ticket Wallet

Item: AL14135

Price: $79.00 Now $69.00

Fortune Cookie Box

Item: AD8270

Price: $25.00

Real Wood Classic Journal

Item: ADS9435

Price: $32.00

Real Wood Pocket Journal

Item: ADS9440

Price: $22.00

Exalt Messenger Bag

Item: AM2775

Price: $99.00

Excitor Backpack on Wheels

Item: AM2780

Price: $169.00

Expel Square Backpack

Item: AM2785

Price: $115.00

Explicit Three-in-One Bag

Item: AM2790

Price: $149.00

Manicure Set

Item: AN2135

Price: $35.00

Fix-It Kit

Item: AN2140

Price: $39.00

Necktie Roll Case

Item: AN2145

Price: $29.00

Travel Collar Stay Set

Item: AN2150

Price: $35.00

Celestial Pencil Set (set of 10)

Item: AP14445

Price: $12.00

Monteverde Rodeo Drive Ballpoint

Item: AP14648

Price: $75.00

Centro Three-Drawer File Cabinet

Item: FA6000

Price: $859.00

Centro Multi-Function Cabinet

Item: FA6020

Price: $1479.00

Centro Lateral File

Item: FA6025

Price: $1399.00

Centro Lift Desk

Item: FD0565

Price: $1499.00-$1749.00

Centro Return

Item: FD0570

Price: $659.00

Centro Desk

Item: FD0575

Price: $1399.00

Palomino Blackwing Point Guard

Item: PR2035

Price: $10.00

Snap Tray

Item: AD7580

Price: $59.00

Marley Teardrop Multi-Zip Backpack

Item: AL0260

Price: $139.00 Now $104.00

Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL13360

Price: $199.00 Now $159.00

L-Tech 3.0 Capless Rollerball

Item: AP14305

Price: $89.00 Now $69.00

Lamy Bottled Ink

Item: PR1985

Price: $12.50

Bomber Jacket Tie Case

Item: AL14050

Price: $99.00

Rutledge for 9.7" iPad® Pro

Item: AD8235

Price: $100.00

Rutledge for iPad® Mini

Item: AD8240

Price: $80.00

Rutledge for iPad® Air

Item: AD8255

Price: $90.00

Luxury Travel Blanket Set

Item: AM2760

Price: $54.00

Dahlia Zip-N-Store Key Ring

Item: AL13995

Price: $29.00

Dahlia Accessories Case

Item: AL14005

Price: $39.00

Dahlia Toiletry Case

Item: AL14010

Price: $79.00

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Rollerball

Item: AP14565

Price: $325.00

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Ballpoint

Item: AP14568

Price: $295.00

Dahlia Earbud Holder

Item: AL13990

Price: $19.00

Parker Sonnet Lacquer GT Fountain Pen

Item: AP14540

Price: $148.00

Parker Sonnet Lacquer GT Rollerball

Item: AP14545

Price: $120.00

Parker Sonnet Lacquer GT Ballpoint

Item: AP14548

Price: $96.00

Peas Hub

Item: AD7930

Price: $35.00

Travel Pillow Organizer

Item: AD8100

Price: $37.00

Windlass Bookends

Item: AD8200

Price: $150.00

Parc Slope for MacBook®

Item: AD8260

Price: $50.00

Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

Item: AD8265

Price: $80.00

Dossier Folio

Item: AL13890

Price: $169.00 Now $125.00

Century Rug - Blue/Sand

Item: RF0955

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Century Rug - Blue

Item: RF0985

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Adler Rug - Azure

Item: RF0855

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda, Junior

Item: SPR06

Price: $33.15-$39.00

Adler Rug - Ivory

Item: RF0880

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Tanzania Rug - Mist

Item: RF0905

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

Circa A4 Daily Planner Refill

Item: SPR1085

Price: $26.00-$92.00

Viera Rug - Light Blue/Grey

Item: RF0945

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Adler Rug - Taupe

Item: RF0860

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Special Request Circa Weekly Agenda Junior

Item: SPR70

Price: $33.15-$39.00

Adler Rug - Turkish Coffee

Item: RF0865

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Adler Rug - White Sand

Item: RF0870

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Special Request Circa Weekly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR75

Price: $20.40-$34.00

Adler Rug - Slate Blue

Item: RF0875

Price: $539.00-$1099.00

Tanzania Rug - Sand

Item: RF0885

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

3-Ring Daily Planner Refill

Item: SPR3003

Price: $26.00-$92.00

Circa Daily Agenda Refill

Item: SPR615

Price: $15.00-$92.00

Tanzania Rug - Stone

Item: RF0890

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

Tanzania Rug - Slate Blue

Item: RF0895

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

Special Request Circa Weekly Agenda Compact

Item: SPR80

Price: $28.90-$34.00

Special Request™ Circa Weekly Agenda Letter

Item: SPR90

Price: $37.40-$44.00

Tanzania Rug - Navy

Item: RF0900

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

Tanzania Rug - Ivory

Item: RF0910

Price: $1249.00-$2609.00

Circa Sunday Start Agenda Notebook, Vertical

Item: ADS8760

Price: $33.15-$37.40

Circa Sunday Start Agenda Refill, Vertical

Item: ADS8765

Price: $24.65-$28.90

Viera Rug - Mocha/Ivory

Item: RF0915

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Viera Rug - Ivory/Brown

Item: RF0920

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda, Letter

Item: SPR01

Price: $37.40-$44.00

Viera Rug - Ash

Item: RF0925

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Viera Rug - Grey

Item: RF0930

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Circa A4 Weekly Vertical Agenda Refill

Item: SPR1075

Price: $34.00 Now $28.90

Viera Rug - Charcoal/Red

Item: RF0935

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Viera Rug - Red/Taupe

Item: RF0940

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Viera Rug - Grey/Navy

Item: RF0950

Price: $349.00-$699.00

Circa Sunday Start Agenda Refill

Item: ADS8775

Price: $24.65-$28.70

Century Rug - Taupe/Sand

Item: RF0960

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Century Rug - Sand/Sand

Item: RF0965

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Circa A4 2 Year Monthly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR1080

Price: $29.00 Now $24.65

Circa 2 Year Monthly Agenda

Item: SPR170

Price: $39.00 Now $33.15

Century Rug - Taupe/Taupe

Item: RF0970

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Century Rug - Sand

Item: RF0975

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Circa 2 Year Monthly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR175

Price: $29.00 Now $24.65

Circa 2 Year Monthly Agenda

Item: SPR180

Price: $35.00 Now $29.75

Century Rug - BlueStone

Item: RF0980

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Circa 2 Year Monthly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR185

Price: $25.00 Now $21.25

Century Rug - Sand/Taupe

Item: RF0990

Price: $269.00-$659.00

Xavier Rug - Aqua

Item: RF0995

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Beige/Multi

Item: RF1000

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Taupe/Aqua

Item: RF1005

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Multi

Item: RF1010

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Grey/Gold

Item: RF1015

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Midnight Blue

Item: RF1020

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Coffee/Beige

Item: RF1025

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Tobacco/Blue

Item: RF1030

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Rustic Brown

Item: RF1035

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Pinebark

Item: RF1040

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Sand/Multi

Item: RF1045

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Beige/Ocean

Item: RF1050

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Xavier Rug - Natural/Light Blue

Item: RF1055

Price: $1169.00-$2399.00

Special Request Circa Daily Goals (100 sheets)

Item: SPR1115

Price: $19.00-$23.00

Translucent Circa Discs, 3/4" (set of 22)

Item: ADS9205

Price: $15.00 Now $12.00

Translucent Circa Discs, 1 1/2" (set of 22)

Item: ADS9215

Price: $19.00 Now $15.00

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