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6 Levenger Easy Flow Ballpoint Refills

Price: $16.00
Item: PR1370
This ballpoint pen refill is a smooth operator
Our Easy Flow ballpoint pen refills offer a smooth, nearly effortless write. The ink literally glides out of your ballpoint without the application of extra pressure necessary for most ballpoint refills, so you can capture thoughts faster.
  • Fits all True Writer ballpoints and most other ballpoint pens
  • Set of 6 refills
  • Medium (1.0 mm), with a write-out of 32,808 ft
  • Made in Germany
6 Levenger Easy Flow Ballpoint Refills 4.2 5 10 10
A little too easy flow? A nice refill, but in the last three months these have destroyed two dress shirts. Twice I have laid down a blob of ink inside a shirt pocket, not noticed from the outside until it bled profusely in the wash. In decades of use of standard ballpoints I've never seen anything like it. These refills are now banished from pens I carry in my pockets. November 3, 2011
need a color selection this is a nice refill. it is a pleasure to use and in the levenger pens which feel great in the hand, it is a nice match. however black is all the choice we get???? how about blue..... July 22, 2009
Love it! I love, love, LOVE this pen refill. Without a doubt, the "Easy Flow Ballpoint Refill" is the smoothest writing refill I have ever had the pleasure to write with. I take copious notes all day long and I have never had a single issue with the ink. June 2, 2009
Good but short-lived This is one of the best pen refills I've used in terms of how it writes. Completely smooth. Actually makes you look forward to writing. If it was up to me I would use this pen refill 100% of the time. However, as other reviewers have indicated the refill is very short-lived. I received this as a Christmas present and started using when I returned to work after the holidays (January 2009). The refill ran out of ink by January 16th. So I got about 3 weeks of use out of it. Granted, it's the only pen I used for 3 weeks, but considering the price, I was disappointed in its life span. I would consider buying again if on sale due to how wonderfully the easy flow ink writes. It really does make a difference over a standard ball point refill. January 27, 2009
The Best! I write constantly and I am very judgmental when it comes to ink and writing tools, so when I tried Levenger standard ballpoint ink I thought I had found the best ink. My opinion changed once I tried the Easy Flow ink, I know now that I have found the very best ballpoint ink around. This ink flows so smoothly, with ease, and is a deep, rich black colour. I use this ink in my True Writer pen throughout each day and will never change! November 22, 2008
Easy Flow Ballpoint Refill This is my second review. In my earlier one I had not yet owned the refills long enough to know how long they would last. Alas after having been using them for several months I must agree with the first reviewer in that they do not last nearly as long as competitors refills, maybe a third as long. This said, I gladly continue to order them as all their other attributes far out-weigh their longevity shortcoming. Levenger really needs to make this in other colors, starting with red. I love this refill! November 8, 2008
great concept! I've been a pen collector and user all my life, and this is a refill I have been waiting for. It combines the quick practicality of a ballpoint and the bold, easy line of a rollerball about as well as any product on the market. I favor fountain pens for much of my work, but this easy flow refill should become the refill of the future. I hope Levenger continues to provide it and expands the color and point choices. I also hope the other pen manufacturers develop similar refills. Ballpoints have been left out of the advances in ink technology too long!a July 29, 2008
Easy Flow Refill This refill writes more smoothly, and easily than any pen I've ever used period. The previous review states it does not last long enough, it's too soon for me to comment, but I can say that unless it is very dramatically shorter than other refills the quality and boldness of the line it creates; more than offset this potential drawback. My only other complaint is that this does not come in the color red. I'm positively ecstatic over this refill. I also find the line acceptably thin, I was concerned that at the advertised 1 mm line it would be too bold. It's not. April 20, 2008
Doesn't last long enough Just as with most things these days, they are not made to last. My only complaint being they don't last long enough, which means you go through many more refills than you would think normal, and it contributes more to landfills and requires more in packaging and gas for delivery. March 1, 2008
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