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Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet
  • Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet
  • Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet
  • Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet
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Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet

Price: $59.00
Item: AL6425
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This wallet is sure to last in your pocket. The Bomber Jacket Slim Wallet is made from rugged, full-grain leather that will mellow with use.
  • Made of full-grain pebbled leather
  • Plaid cotton twill lining
  • Slender profile slips easily into a back pocket
  • 6 credit card slots
  • 2 business card pockets
  • Back pocket with mezzanine divider for currency and receipts
  • 4 1/2W x 1/2D x 3 1/2H

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.

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Destination Unknown – A Prose Poem. She took out the bomber jacket slim wallet from the back pocket of her tight blue jeans and held it close to her face, the full grain pebbled leather was smooth on her skin and smelled like her husband: a blend of old spice and soap, garden dirt and scotch. She opened the wallet slowly, running her finger around the plaid cotton twill lining, peeking in as if someone from across the park were watching. Someone expecting her to jump on the swing, she looked so young, hair pulled back in a pony tail, shirt hanging out at the waist. He’d be missing his wallet soon enough. Inside were 6 slots, each of them holding something precious: His wedding day photo; the first credit card he ever had, a library card; One picture for each of their two kids; and a worn and folded list of phone numbers, opened and closed a trillion times. The two business card pockets held the first and the present. She closed the wallet and slipped it easily into her back pocket, first sliding out the hundred dollar bill he kept in the mezzanine section for emergencies only (i.e., a bribe to a parking attendant or a maitre’d, a tow truck ride home, or an I’m sorry dinner at a fancy restaurant.). She jumped into the car and drew the bottle of Dom Perignon close to her as she revved up the engine. She’d need that c-note soon enough. A suitcase was packed and in the back seat. The kids were tucked away snug at her sisters’. She was picking him up in 10 minutes. Destination unknown. April 18, 2010
Simply the Best I have used this wallet for years, and ordered another. Dollar for dollar it is easily the best wallet I have ever purchased. My old one goes on and on, and I ordered another, "just in case." July 23, 2013
Quality in a compact size Well made, smaller size fits in pocket without an uncomfortable bulge. You do have to cut back on what you carry in your wallet. July 6, 2013
Very nice!!! Very nice wallet. Looks like it will hold up to the rigors of my daily life very well. The card slots aren't too tight and the lining is different, but very nice, The only disappointment, I bought the wallet 3 weeks ago and now it is on sales. All a matter of timing, I guess. June 15, 2013
Best Wallet Bar None I'm online ordering a new Bomber Jacket wallet as I'm going to hand down my existing one. This is by far the best wallet I've ever had. Smooth, sytlish, comfortable...had it for years. The only issue with it now is I got it completely wet and there is a little bit of white discoloration on the inside.. I cleaned it with leather cleaner and it will go another 5 years.. Just need a little touch up for when I pull it out in front of clientele. Great product Levenger. Love the Bomber Jacket line. October 3, 2012
Compact Quality Luxury This is my second wallet from Levenger. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to buy another one. It's compact yet has all the important features one needs: plenty of room for credit cards, business cards, ID's, and two compartments for bills and/or receipts. Levenger's quality surpasses wallets I saw in major department stores. This wallet is a true luxury item that will last for years and worth the price I paid. February 10, 2012
Awesome Wallet I'm going on the third year with this wallet. It is by far the best I've used to date. I've been through other leather and ballistic (tatical) type wallets, and this one is the most comfortable and longest lasting. I am writing this review as recently it made a trip through the washing machine by accident, and after drying out and a few days of use - it is right back to normal - UNBELIEVABLE... Buy this wallet. January 18, 2012
Very Nice! Good quality! January 27, 2011
Esample: Best Purchase EVer this product is very elegant and good. I recomend it to anyone wiling to buy. It is alitttle pricy though, but the style is shown through it. I highly recomend buying it as a gift or for your self. March 15, 2010
The one and Only I've owned many wallets in my life, from velcro to designer and this is by far the best. The professionalism statement with the mocha pebbled coloration and the stitched lining makes this wallet exquisite. This wallet is made of such good material it can look slim no matter what you put in it. This is my second time purchasing this wallet (misplaced other) and the durability is amazing. If I ever buy another wallet, it would be the same exact one like I did before. Let's face it guys, you don't need more than 6 credit/ID holders when you leave the house, the holders itself is very durable and your cards will not slip out. I have my US currency on the outer pocket and my checks/receipts on the inner. In the slots I have my ID's and credit cards, along business cards in the pockets inside. This is the perfect wallet for anyones everyday life. October 26, 2009
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