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Bomber Jacket Smart Phone Holster 3.7 5 12 12
GREAT FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 PHONE My husband is a truck driver and this works perfectly for his Samsung Galaxy s3 phone. January 28, 2013
Great, but with caveats I've had this holster now for about 60 days and it works well for me. I wear a loose-hanging second shirt on most days, and it hasn't caught, opened, or interfered with my normal movement. The leather has held up beautifully, and my phone (an iPhone 4) rests nicely inside without shifting. That said, it is worth noting that the clip on the back is, as has been reported, VERY strong. It's a challenge to get this holster on, but once it is there, it will certainly stay! As with many, the clip does not reach the bottom of my belt, but the strength of the closure has ensured that almost no movement happens. Were the clip just a bit less forceful to allow easy attachment while still preventing loss, I'd give it maximum marks. August 24, 2012
Close, but not right As other reviewers have pointed out, the length of the clip on this is insufficient for all but the narrowest of belts. And while the clip is sufficiently strong to hold the holster to the belt, the down side is it is VERY difficult to clip onto the belt. I have a very thin belt (nylon web belt) and I have problems getting the clip open far enough to get it clipped onto my belt. I've only had my holster for a few days, but I am concerned the leather and stitching will quickly show wear from putting the holster onto a belt. The leather for the holster is beautiful (I have the Bomber Jacket wallet and love it). The magnet closure is OK. I wouldn't want to go for a run and count on this keeping the phone in the holster, but for normal, every day wear, this seems OK. Sadly, this is the first product from Levenger I don't think I'd recommend to a friend. My quest for the right iPhone carrier continues. June 4, 2012
Design Flaw or wearer flaw? This item is beautifully executed and handy, however I must place a caveat in it's design as it is flawed. I no longer carry mine (I've owned it for over 30 days now) and tried various ways to wear it...on the belt area, on the top of the pocket on jeans, on camera strap, etc. and it boils down to losing the phone. It gets caught in seat belts and pulls off, it brushes against table edges & pulls off, it pulls off of camera bag straps as it catches on doors, etc. It's a great item otherwise, but I can't afford to lose iPhones. I'm not sure what the exact design flaw is (is it a longer clip needed? is a stronger clip needed? is the area I wear it--to the side & not on the belt buckle--wrong?) but since it is a great item otherwise, I might suggest that it be checked into. It seems most people have no problem with it, so maybe it is me, but I simply cannot use it as much as I would like to. March 28, 2012
Oh So very close This is a very attractive well made case. It holds my phones well. I have had my case for 17 months. It has held up very well. The leather has aged nicely developing a little patina as it has aged. I mark it well down on functionality because of the belt clip. The clip is about 1.25 inches in depth while all of my belts are between 1.5 and 1.75 inches in depth. I believe to get the highest functionality grades the clip should fully trap the belt. Lengthen that clip and I would buy a second Bomber Jacket Smartphone Holster. I would also like to see a variation of this holster that held the phone vertically. February 23, 2012
Bad design -- unusable product I was very pleased when the case arrived and was ready to begin using it. Unfortunately, the belt clip was too short to stabilize the case on my belt. I was disappointed that the high-quality leather was not matched by high-quality design and am returning the case. January 21, 2012
The usual top quality While I read the negative reviews & positive of this item, I purchased it with skepticism, but I have found it to be an outstanding item. Perfect for my iPhone 4G with a 'skin' around it, it has a strong magnet closure and strong (though shorter) clip to attach to belt or jean side pocket (in my cases). I cannot find any fault with this item whatsoever & fail to comprehend the complaints. Hopefully other colors will be offered in the near future as I highly recommend this style. August 27, 2011
Dissappointed The case looked and felt great, but, felt the magnetic closure was weak. Returned for a refund. My search continues..... June 30, 2011
Perfect Case for iPhone After using the original for several years, I wanted a roomier case for my iPhone 3gs which I keep in a Speck case. Nothing that I tried could handle both, except this case. Levenger products last, look good after years of use and are practical May 13, 2011
Too big for iPhone 4 This holster is too large for an iPhone 4 even with the bumper installed -- the phone just rattles around in the case. The quality is everything you expect, it is just not the right case for this application. It's on the way back for a refund. March 5, 2011
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