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Circa Annotation Tabs Junior set of 60 4.1 5 14 14
Needs one more punch These are good, especially with the heavier cardstock style paper but they really need one more punch. They slip around with only two punches and stick out of my planner a bit. November 9, 2013
Great choice for me! Needed quick way to find notes! Found it! July 27, 2013
Great way to mark items This helps me to mark my calendar for days that have special events or for regular meetings that I need to prepare for. The color catches my eye and I can plan ahead a lot more easily this way. Shared with my niece who also uses your calendar and she was very excited about them as well. June 23, 2013
Nice product but needs one more punch I ordered these because I wanted a to have a simple way to organize my Jr notebook which I'm currently using with 1" discs. As a result I put a lot of different content within it, including different types of paper for different types of context. These annotation tabs work ok. On the positive side, I like that they are thin for a divider, are made of good stock, allow me to write on them to provide additional context to the section. I really like 2 of the colors but with the others offered stronger contrast. The problem I had with them is the same as has been mentioned before. Since they only come with 2 circa punches, the tab moves around a lot. October 29, 2012
Wish they used 3 discs I was excited to see this product on the website and ordered a package to better organize pages within plastic tabs. I thought these would be ideal for separating out next action lists. Unfortunately the design of these tabs is not the best. Because each tab only clips into two of the discs the tabs are quite prone to "flopping around". I've decided to not use these tabs as they make the notebook look sloppy because of how much these move around once in use. Perhaps a better option for "sub-organization" is the vertical tab system consisting of plastic tabs across the top of the notebook. The quality of the card stock is very good and there's plenty of room to jot down information. If you can live with the movement of the tabs then this may be a good option for you. October 22, 2012
More useful than tabbed dividers I got these instead of tabbed dividers to set up my planning notebook for the spring term of college, and I'm really happy with them. You can move them around easily, make notes, have multiple tabbed labeled sections with less bulk - they're working out really well. I've used one tab per month to make it easy to find the monthly calenders, and then another tab marks my to-do list for classes, and still another marks my personal to-do list. I plan to also use one tab just as a page finder and move it as necessary. Plus, because you have note area in addition to the tab itself, you can add information about why you've organized things a certain way, or mark critical tasks for that month directly on the tab itself. I'm really pleased. January 7, 2011
Three holes, please! I use the Junior agenda, so I'm happy with the size. I agree with the reviews that suggest three holes instead of two. The way they slide up and down is annoying, and because of that I wouldn't recommend them. March 26, 2010
would like to see more sizes I have been a circa user since I started my business in 1999. I have used all of the sizes from letter-PDA. Right now I am currently using the compact size. But like the rest of the reviews of this particular addition, I would like to see more sizes. Compact especially would be useful! August 30, 2009
Great idea Love these for quick access to my current week and notes. It's great that I can write on them and 60 come in a pack--and in different colors too. My only complaint is they are a bit wobbly. They move a bit as they are secured by only 2 rings. June 14, 2009
My Memory Tabs I use these are sub-dividers in major sections of my Circa Junior and also as "reminders" that certain material/information is filed in the Circa in a certain section, as alerts (I use red), calendaring, etc. I agree with the other reviewers---these would be even more useful for the letter-size Circas, esp. if modified slightly with 3 holes instead of 2. I could really use them in my letter size Circa's. They take up less space than dividers and one can write on them. April 9, 2009
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