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Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Standard Fountain Pen 3.1 5 7 7
Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode The Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode is an attractive pen that is well made but, is nothing more than a felt tip pen with a faux nib! It writes as well as could be expected for a fiber tip, but it does dry out easily and is certainly not worth the price. I would take that money an buy an actual fountain pen (instead of a replica). November 7, 2012
Disappointed I tried to like this pen. But there is nothing revolutionary in this item. Despite what they say, it does dry up so it takes a few letters writing to get it going. The writing experience is nothing special and I prefer an ink pen. It is no better than any cheap fibre tip pen. Definitely not worth the money. April 15, 2012
Wonderful Pen As a long time lover of fountain pens, I have found this pen to be one of the best. The writing is smooth and the ink does not dry up between uses. One of the best features is that this pen does NOT leave any ink stains on my fingers--my major complaint about "regular" fountain pens. February 14, 2012
I'm addicted. I love this very unique style of pen. For about 8 years I was a calligrapher taking numerous classes and purchasing numerous pens. While this Parker Pen would not allow me to recreate every alphabet style, it has a wonderful feel for everyday writing. The point is part of the refill and I would recommend taking care not to drop it as it totally chages the point and not for the better. I also prefer the fine point that I replace the original with when I dropped the pen. January 5, 2012
Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode This is a marvelous writing instrument! Comfortable in the hand & glides along the page like a dream! Purchasing one for my granddaughter who is a writer. December 11, 2011
Surprising! I love writing, and I love innovation. This pen works for me in both areas. The only con I have is that this is marketed as a fountain pen when it is not like a fountain pen. Fountain pen enthusiasts may be disappointed (unless they are open minded to something new). On the other hand it is a surprising innovation. At first I was treating it like a fountain pen due to the marketing, but then I realized it is something very unique. It felt as smooth as the finest mechanical pencil, yet I saw the ink flow like you do on a rollerball, and felt the amazing softness of the nib. The more I wrote the more I began to realize that this would be perfect for any surface -even post it notes. I am normally selective about the papers I use for fountain pen writing. Overall this 'just feels great' and is liberating at the same time! More casual than formal, but a better dressed type of casual-smiles. Gentle, smooth, safe -without possibility of smudge, consistent, and professional. You can leave it open for extended periods and it won't dry out. It draws attention as well because of the unique design, so it has the brag factor I like as a pen collector. My favorite surprise is that the refill includes the point. This means you won't have to protect your point/nib because you replace it too! INGENIOUS (however more expensive as an option)! Hope I didn't spoil the surprises for you! I love it. December 7, 2011
Parker's description is deceptive The description says the tip of the refill interacts with the metal nib to create a new writing experience. In fact, the metal part that looks like the nib is only decorative and ink never touches the tip of the refill. The thin channel on the nib that's used to feed ink on a regular pen remains dry and does nothing to impact the writing. The writing experience is not bad, similar to a fiber point pen that costs a few dollars. In my opinion the product is deceptive and is a similar to a fountain pen as a piece of chalk. December 3, 2011
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