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Dossier Folio

Item: AL13890

Price: $169.00

Porsche Big Shake Ballpoint

Item: AP14088

Price: $225.00

Monteverde Tool Inkball

Item: AP14315

Price: $45.00

Rugby Briefolio®

Item: AL13875

Price: $129.00

Rugby Travel Pouches (set of 2)

Item: AL13870

Price: $99.00

Zip-N-Store Earbud Holder

Item: AL13860

Price: $29.00

Microphone Tech Stand

Item: AD8110

Price: $65.00

Microphone Pencil Holder

Item: AD8125

Price: $65.00

Altimeter Clock

Item: AD8135

Price: $99.00

Dashboard Clock

Item: AD8140

Price: $109.00


Item: AD8145

Price: $109.00

Rocket Bookends (set of 2)

Item: AD8115

Price: $150.00

USB Cable

Item: AD7895

Price: $10.00

Power USB (Portable)

Item: AD7900

Price: $30.00

Nautilus Clock

Item: AD8105

Price: $399.00

Rocket Table Clock

Item: AD8120

Price: $210.00

Robot Table Clock

Item: AD8130

Price: $300.00

Monteverde Tool Ballpoint

Item: AP14318

Price: $30.00

Monteverde Tool Mechanical Pencil

Item: AP14325

Price: $40.00

Monteverde Invincia Fountain Pen (M)

Item: AP14340

Price: $85.00-$100.00

Monteverde Invincia Rollerball

Item: AP14345

Price: $75.00-$95.00

Monteverde Invincia Ballpoint

Item: AP14348

Price: $65.00-$85.00

Tusting Rustic Crossbody

Item: AL13880

Price: $349.00

Tusting Rustic Messenger

Item: AL13885

Price: $399.00

The Executive Ensemble

Item: AL13290

Price: $200.00 Now $159.00

Accordion Card File

Item: AL13365

Price: $59.00

PlugBug World

Item: AD7885

Price: $45.00

Travel Pillow Organizer

Item: AD8100

Price: $35.00

Lamy Joy Black Gift Set

Item: AP14280

Price: $78.00

Horizon LED Light

Item: LD0420

Price: $399.00

Compass 2 Portable Display

Item: AD7835

Price: $40.00

Forté for Apple Watch®

Item: AD7845

Price: $60.00

Ghost Stand for MacBook®

Item: AD7850

Price: $35.00

HiRise Deluxe

Item: AD7855

Price: $60.00

Time Porter for Apple Watch®

Item: AD7860

Price: $50.00

Einstein Eraser

Item: ADS9235

Price: $5.00

Thought A Day Mini Journal

Item: ADS9265

Price: $12.00

HiRise for MacBook®

Item: AD7840

Price: $70.00

Carpe Diem Journal

Item: ADS9270

Price: $15.00

Carrara Marble Notebook

Item: ADS9295

Price: $25.00

MoMA Gallery Walls Notebook

Item: ADS9300

Price: $25.00

Executive Folio, Letter

Item: AL12880

Price: $119.00

Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0

Item: AL13795

Price: $399.00

Meridian Valet Top Tray

Item: AD7740

Price: $65.00

Meridian Casino Gaming Set

Item: AD7745

Price: $369.00

Meridian Single Watch Winder

Item: AD7755

Price: $319.00

Wingtip Accordion Wallet

Item: AL13675

Price: $109.00

Wingtip Card Wallet

Item: AL13680

Price: $49.00

Wingtip Checkbook Cover

Item: AL13685

Price: $69.00

Wingtip Passport Jacket

Item: AL13690

Price: $54.00

Wingtip Satchel

Item: AL13670

Price: $369.00

Wingtip Carry-All

Item: AL13695

Price: $139.00

Caroline Medium Jewelry Box

Item: AD7775

Price: $239.00

Caroline Large Jewelry Box

Item: AD7780

Price: $355.00

Caroline Extra-Large Jewelry Box

Item: AD7785

Price: $579.00

London Square Jewelry Box

Item: AD7760

Price: $155.00

London Medium Jewelry Box

Item: AD7765

Price: $352.00

London Large Jewelry Box

Item: AD7770

Price: $575.00

Circa Precious Metals Sliver Notebook

Item: ADS9070

Price: $39.00-$49.00

Precious Metals Notebook Belts (set of 2)

Item: ADS9075

Price: $10.00-$12.00

Caran D’Ache 849 Metallic Ballpoint

Item: AP14108

Price: $46.00-$54.00

Gemstone Folio

Item: AL13855

Price: $119.00

Circa Gemstone LevTex™ Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS9060

Price: $49.00-$59.00

Gemstone Snap Tray

Item: AD7695

Price: $59.00

Gemstone Card Wallet

Item: AL13835

Price: $49.00

Gemstone Checkbook Cover

Item: AL13840

Price: $69.00

Gemstone Micro-Tech Manager

Item: AL13850

Price: $59.00

Jacqueline Bookbag

Item: AM2590

Price: $99.00

Jacqueline Pouch

Item: AM2595

Price: $29.00

Jacqueline Bookbag and Pouch

Item: AM2600

Price: $115.00

Metallic Damask Journal

Item: ADS9255

Price: $20.00

SoHo Stationery Set (set of 4)

Item: ADS9260

Price: $39.00

Bicycle Bookends (set of 2)

Item: AD7815

Price: $89.00

Atlas Bookends (set of 2)

Item: AD7830

Price: $89.00

12-Piece Watch Tray

Item: AD7710

Price: $85.00

Cub Winder

Item: AD7715

Price: $179.00

Stackable Cubby for Cub Winders

Item: AD7720

Price: $55.00

Cub Winder with Cover

Item: AD7730

Price: $215.00

6-Piece Watch Tray

Item: AD7735

Price: $49.00

Butterfly Bookends (set of 2)

Item: AD7825

Price: $89.00

iPhone® 7 Wallet Book

Item: AD7865

Price: $80.00

iPhone® 7 Plus Wallet Book

Item: AD7870

Price: $80.00

Lugano iPhone® 7 Case

Item: AD7875

Price: $60.00

Lugano iPhone® 7 Plus Case

Item: AD7880

Price: $60.00

Stay In Touch Assorted Note Cards

Item: ADS9285

Price: $15.00

Lamy Lx Fountain Pen (EF, F, M)

Item: AP14260

Price: $70.00

Lamy Scala Glacier Fountain Pen (M)

Item: AP14270

Price: $275.00

Lamy Scala Glacier Rollerball

Item: AP14275

Price: $150.00

Lamy Scala Glacier Ballpoint

Item: AP14278

Price: $125.00

Family Traditions Journal

Item: ADS9280

Price: $19.00

True Writer® Slim Gemstone Ballpoint

Item: AP14238

Price: $59.00

Waterman Hemisphere Privée Rollerball

Item: AP14215

Price: $106.00

Waterman Hemisphere Privée Ballpoint

Item: AP14218

Price: $98.00

Textura File Holder

Item: AD7660

Price: $39.00

Textura Sorter

Item: AD7665

Price: $34.00

Textura Unifier

Item: AD7670

Price: $49.00

Textura Organization Basket

Item: AD7675

Price: $34.00

Textura Desk Set (set of 4)

Item: AD7810

Price: $129.00

Archive Springback Binders, Letter

Item: ADS9115

Price: $34.00-$39.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8385

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13455

Price: $149.00-$169.00

Bomber Jacket Slim Leather Wallet

Item: AL6425

Price: $69.00

Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap

Item: AL7415

Price: $89.00

Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio

Item: AL7455

Price: $149.00

Bomber Jacket Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL9405

Price: $49.00

Vintage Map Print Work Pad

Item: AD8055

Price: $49.00

Marble Print Work Pad

Item: AD8060

Price: $49.00

Black Bomber Print Work Pad

Item: AD8065

Price: $49.00

Tusting Ashton Tote

Item: AL13740

Price: $359.00

Tusting Cardington Handbag

Item: AL13745

Price: $269.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Attaché

Item: AL13825

Price: $229.00

Bomber Jacket Backpack Brief 2.0

Item: AL13830

Price: $349.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger

Item: AL7420

Price: $279.00

99 Circa Action Method Dot Grid Refills

Item: ADS6045

Price: $13.00-$16.00

Posh Coloring Book - Thomas Kinkade

Item: ADS9245

Price: $13.00

Project File Folders (set of 6)

Item: ADS9275

Price: $10.00

Montegrappa American Dream Rollerball

Item: AP14255

Price: $350.00

Montegrappa American Dream Ballpoint

Item: AP14258

Price: $325.00

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