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Circa Rhodia Annotation Ruled Notebook 4.6 5 20 20
Classy and Practical I have many notebooks that I use for ongoing classes, lectures and teachings. They need to be able to fit into a large purse (3 ring notebooks do not!). I had been stumped before the circa system. I have the benefits of a spiral notebook as well as the versatility of a 3 ring binder. Adding to that the extra large plastic covers hold handout sheets keeping them protected. My small complaint is that as I turned the pages back while taking notes they sometimes pulled out. They were easy to replace and I think with some practice I can mitigate that happening. I am looking forward to expanding my use of the entire circa system. I great find indeed. August 13, 2014
Circa Notebook This was my first time trying the Circa notebooks and I love it! I love the feel of the Rhodia paper and to have it in Circa allows me to get a refill whenever I want. Please bring back the Rhodia mouse pads. May 7, 2015
Action Method Love this--- and will also buy for colleague/girlfriend. We are already fighting to use this-- so now we can both have our own. Easy to customize-- and I will definitely buy the hole puncher to add blank paper bc I am an artist/graphic designer April 30, 2015
I wanted this Circa for the orange cover... ...instead I got an orange piece of paper with clear plastic covers...which started to crease inside of a week from being moved around when I opened and closed the notebook. I wanted a hard orange plastic cover. I am very sad about this as I have owned Levenger items for decades and they still look like new. Have to say, they REALLY MISSED THE MARK WITH THIS ONE. Don't buy into the Rhodia deal as there are other circas on the site that will last longer. This experience has really made me concerned about purchasing the customer/creative looking covers as I can't afford to spend another $30 on flimsy paper. :( August 12, 2014
Perfect for Depositions, Hearings & Trials The Circa Rhodia Annotation Ruled Notebook is perfect for note taking at depositions, hearings, and trials ... and, it holds important written materials for easy access. I bought a number of the Rhodia notebooks, and added some accessories to a few of the notebooks, which increased their utility enormously. June 28, 2014
My favorite binder This binder is the perfect size; I carry 2 in my brief case covering multiple subjects. December 14, 2013
Disappointed As a long time customer of Levenger, I thought this would be up to their usual standards, but was disappointed. The design was great, but the paper did not stand up to my fountain pen, had almost constant bleed through. I wanted to try the Circa line, and the idea is a good one, but I find I'm back to looking for something else. December 9, 2013
I love my Circa notebook! I am loving my Circa Rhodia notebook! I work full time, am enrolled in a post-master's program, and I am completing an internship this Fall. I needed a notebook system that could keep all of my papers and notes organized and in one place for easy access. I am so happy I decided to purchase this notebook. My employment and educational life is neatly organized together. In addition, this Circa notebook looks beautiful- professional and put together, unlike a spiral notebook or binder. If you are deciding whether or not to buy, I wholly recommend it! (Don't forget to buy a Circa punch too :) September 15, 2013
Delightfully practical Circa + Rhodia + Clairefontaine paper = Wonderful! I bought this because I had nearly back-to-back conferences and knew that I would need to be taking copious notes. I'm a long-time Circa fan and this paper seemed an ideal addition. It has been receiving rave reviews for excellent reasons. This paper is far superior to the reviews. Get it, use it, love it. Absolutely worth every penny. If you use fountain pens (Visconti 'Homo Sapiens' for those conferences) this paper is what you've been searching for - all glide, no bleed through. Added to the Circa format, this paper is a true winner. Go order, I'll wait. August 3, 2013
Circa + Rhodia = Mid-Lifesaver! Never the most organized person, I find as I get older I'm more apt to misplace things, and my old method of grabbing the nearest scrap of paper to write business notes, reminders, to-do lists on--and then not being able to find it when I needed it--was driving me round the bend. My Circa notebook keeps it all in one spot; I remove pages as they are no longer needed, and add pages as I need them; and the annotation column gives me space to delineate notes like action items, phone numbers, important dates, etc. I may be doddery, but now I'm orderly! June 1, 2013
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