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Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit Includes a $40 Gift Card

Price: $40.00
Item: ADS5780
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The Circa smorgasbord — and virtually free to boot
Go ahead — sample all the flavors of Circa, compliments of the chef. This comprehensive collectanea of Circa sizes and formats lets you try them all and create one or two custom notebooks. Once you've decided the formats and sizes you like best, season to taste: Come back and redeem your $40 Gift Card toward refills, covers, pockets, colored discs and other accessories. Kit includes:
  • Includes a $40 Circa Gift Card
  • Translucent covers (front and back), Letter (8 1/2W x 11H)
  • Translucent covers (front and back), Junior ( 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H)
  • 11 1-inch discs
  • 8 3/4-inch discs
  • 20 sheets of annotation-ruled paper, Letter
  • 20 sheets of full-page ruled paper, Junior
  • 10 sheets of full-page ruled paper, Compact
  • 5 sheets of Things To Do, Letter
  • 5 sheets of Things To Do, Junior
  • 4 Page Finder tabs, Letter
  • 1 tab divider, Letter
  • 1 tab divider, Junior
  • 1 pocket divider, Junior
  • 1 Task Pad
  • Substantial, archive-quality 90-gsm paper
  • Note: Substitutions of equal or greater value may be made in order to ensure speedy delivery of this item
Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit 4.9 5 191 191
Absolute must The starter kit is a great way to sample different supplies you may want to add later and what you will use the most. I love the option to try a few things before buying the whole replacement kits first November 20, 2014
I love this notebook I am a serial notebook purchaser. I love buying new notebooks or coming up with new organization systems. I’ve never really considered levenger in the past because of the price, but I saw a review on Tools and Toys and so I went for it (knowing I get a $40 gift card), and boy am I happy with it! I cleaned out my bag and just have this notebook in there. I have a location for loose paper, 3 different sizes of paper for notes, some meeting planning/documenting templates, and some papers that I punched and put in the notebook. I was pretty much an instant convert the moment I put it together. November 13, 2014
It is basically free. How can you go wrong? This is a great way to start using Circa. You can even use the gift card to add additional paper types to your new notebooks. I will say that the plastic covers are less professional than I would like; however, that is my choice for not buying a leather covered notebook. November 8, 2014
Great Starter set I was hesitant to jump into a levenger kit because it seemed a bit pricey, however my wife swears by the organization that it has brought to her life, so I decided to go with this kit. One of the best purchases I've made all year; its of great quality, keeps me organized, and the $40 gift card makes it easy to upgrade to a set you'd truly like. This deal is a no-brainer. October 30, 2014
It always works I use computers a LOT, I travel a LOT, I have a LOT of very different things in my job, but I hate computers and I love leafing through my wonderful junior CIRCA system. I don't need to plug it in, I can move pages all around, I can punch other papers to fit into it. It is a wonderful luxury to me. I feel pampered when I have such an efficient way to keep track of so many different things. Sure -- I have my iPhone for my COMPLETE address list, but I have TODAY'S contacts written out all in one place. Find out what you like the best and then get more. I settled on the Junior and added the pages I use the most. October 29, 2014
Great product - great promotion The Circa products are efficient and satisfying to use. The promotion that allows one to try different versions of the paper products is sweet....but the chance to try different SIZES of the notebooks themselves is genius. Thank you for thinking of this! Both my husband and I are sure to buy more! October 20, 2014
Great Way to Start I was hesitant to get hooked. I liked the idea of Circa, but didn't want to be tied to one brand. I tried the 'mock' Circa's from other Vendors, but there were so many problems. The pages didn't turn smoothly, they designs just weren't had to use what they thought would work. Finally I broke down and tried this Sample Kit and I"M 100% HOOKED!! Smooth movement! Easy Management! Of course, I've always loved the weight of the paper, and with the 40.00 refund card, it's like getting my hole punch at a huge discount!! I'M HOOKED!! October 9, 2014
Getting Started - Free This product is the perfect set for getting started. It will allow you to decide on the proper size as well as which accessories. And, with the $40.00 giftcard, it is essentially free. October 9, 2014
kind of supportive I was turned onto levenger by a colleague of mine and am currently in love with the products. We have to maintain multiple books and take lot of notes. It is great bit would be better of a military discount or even a military package was created. In addition I got a 40 dollar gift card for my purchase and it went quick for what I needed to maintain my equipment for the price. Overall I thank the person for turning me onto it and would greatly appreciate a miitary discount or larger gift card.....thank you levenger for the minor help. September 20, 2014
Best Notebook Available!!! I have seen many of my CEO's and leadership toting their Levenger Circa Notebook, some large, some small and was amazed to see they always had their up to date calendar printed and at the front of their book. My sloppy notes and pieces of scratch paper were a mess on my desk and I had piles of spirals. I couldn't keep up with my schedule and had trouble staying organized. I finally asked my leadership for guidance and they all suggested Levenger. They said once you get it, you'll never go back. And they were right! I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW AMAZING THIS PRODUCT IS! I have my important notes all in a binder, regardless of paper type (thanks to my Levenger Hole Punch) and always have my schedule printed and in the front of my notebook. Now my co-workers look at me with impressed expressions and ask how I keep up. I tell them all, easy, LEVENGER! September 18, 2014
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