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2 Levenger Fiber Tip Refills

Price: $9.00
Item: PR1145
Use a fiber tip for a smooth write Levenger Fiber Tip Refills offer a smooth, effortless write, thanks to the fiber (felt) tip. Fiber tips are good for doing lots of signatures (think about those old Flair pens) and there are many people who swear by them.
  • Writing tip is spring loaded (with a polyester ink reservoir) to adjust to your writing pressure - a nice feature
  • Interchangeable with most rollerball refills (it fits the Levenger True Writer Rollerball perfectly)
  • Ink dries quickly, which is very helpful for left-handed writers
  • Write-out is .31 miles or 1,640 ft +/- 30%
  • Tube is nickel-plated brass, the front section is plastic with a stainless steel tube End plug and cap are in the color of the ink refill
  • Save when you purchase the set of 6 refills.
2 Levenger Fiber Tip Refills 4.2 5 19 19
Perfect Fit There's nothing like the tactile feel of writing on paper. I love typing and enjoy all of my tech gadgets, but sometimes the feel and flow of ink to paper enhances the creative process. The roller ball has been my pen of choice for decades. I love the smooth consistent flow of ink. Recently, I've developed arthritis and carpel tunnel, so my hands always hurt. I find when writing the less pressure I need to apply to the pen to make and impression makes a huge difference. I switched to the fiber tip pens because it offers the smoothest flow of ink, with the least amount of resistance and thus less pain to my hands. It's been just the perfect fit for me! Thanks Levenger October 2, 2014
Not happy with how quickly they need to be replace I am studying for a comprehensive licensure exam, so I'm taking copious amounts of notes and have used 2 fiber tip refills in a short period of time. I put a new refill in roughly a week ago and it is already skipping and appears to be running out of ink depending on how the pen is held. Yes, before anyone asks I have the pen capped when not in use, they seem to run out so quickly that I cap the pen any time I stop writing for more than a moment. I never had this kind of problem with the plain roller ball refills. June 26, 2015
Performed very well, and no skips. Only wish this fiber tip came in a fine tip. April 13, 2015
One of my all-time Levenger favorites! With all of the True Writers that I have, with the exception of my fountain pen, I prefer the fiber tip as my go-to refill for all of my True Writer roller ball pens. Even in the 21st Century, I prefer to keep a paper planner and I enjoy the way the fiber tips write in my planner. I find myself writing novels each day, just so I can write, and I keep one with my Molesting for the very same reason. I agree with some of the other reviewers, I'd love more colors of ink. December 4, 2014
Smooth writer When I loan my pen to someone, I have to remind them that although the pen is nice, it is the cartridge that makes the writhing so smooth and even. November 1, 2014
Nice! Easy flow, very little bleed. Only neg. is that if writing on both sides of a regular pc. of paper you can see writing from the other side. But, overall a nice altenative to traditional rollerball inks. August 7, 2014
Great Change I have been a user of rollerball pens for years and recently decided to try the fiber tip refill versus the normal rollerball refill. I prefer the results of the wider tip for appearance and readability. I will change all my pens to this refill as needed. A great product. May 30, 2014
Pleases the Picky Writer I bought a Pen and refills for my VERY PICKY husband. He has to have blue extra fine pens. But I read an article that people who write with a nice pen are perceived as more successful and trustworthy to others. So for Christmas, I bought him a personalize pen with theses Extra Fine fills. He really likes it!!! March 12, 2014
Friction free The flow and lack of resistance of these refills is truly excellent. I don't like ballpoints because they drag too much and the ink is thick, sticky, and takes too long to dry. These flow effortlessly across the page and deposit exactly the right amount of ink. The ink dries immediately and does not smudge. Finding a fiber refill in a high quality pen has been very difficult, and I am very happy to have finally found these. I look forward to writing with these for years to come. March 4, 2014
exactly what i wanted fiber tips are hard to find. these perform very well and fit any number of levenger pens. they wont bleed like a sharpie but give a crisp line. totally different from ball pens, kinda like fountain pens. I like the medium best, but all are good values. July 15, 2013
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