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Wooden Circa Discs 1" (set of 11)
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Wooden Circa Discs 1" (set of 11)

Price: $19.95
Item: ADS5915
Woodworking with Circa
Admired for its lightness in both color and weight, birch wood invites carvings of all kinds—and its latest iteration is in the form of Wooden Circa Discs.
  • 1-inch discs can accommodate up to 150 sheets
  • Natural birch wood gives your Circa notebook a rustic touch
  • Set of 11 Circa discs can accommodate a letter-size Circa notebook, or one junior and one PDA
Wooden Circa Discs 1 set of 11 2.5 5 2 2
Stylish alternative I use the wooden discs for my work notebook -- they travel with me every day and get fairly heavy use. So far I really like them -- I find that the pages slide around the discs just fine, especially the pages with the newer, slightly bigger Circa holes. November 7, 2011
Stylish but Brittle. I’ve had these in 1” for about a month. They look very nice but function poorly. My first complaint is that the paper doesn’t slide very well with them. If I open my notebook half way and lay it flat and then try to close it in one motion the paper doesn’t slide into position thus binding up the covers. Either the disc are bit too thick or the finish isn’t slick enough for the paper to slide without catching and binding. It's more of a nuisance than anything as you have to move small amounts of paper at a time if you plan on flipping through the notebook. The second and final complaint was I broke a disc while the notebook was in my backpack. It just snapped into two pieces. At this point I decided to move back to the black stock disc and when removing the remaining wood disc I snapped a second disc. Overall I’m not impressed with the performance what so ever. They looked great though…. May 23, 2011
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