Wooden Circa Discs 34 set of 11 3.5 5 2 2
big fail! I bought these discs because I thought they looked neat and they do! But, they do not function well. Pages get stuck and do not turn with easy and it is difficult to fold notebook. I also had one snap in half! The least Levenger could do is give one or two extra, to replace instead of having to buy anothere set (I will not be doing this) Bottom line, don't waste your money on these stick with plactic or aluminium. September 4, 2011
So fun! I am a PhD student, so I use a ridiculous number of Circa notebooks. I don't use the labels because you can't fold the cover over with them on. They're good for notebooks you don't use regularly, but for "working" notebooks I use different disc colors to identify notebooks. These are an excellent addition to the variety. I love the striations in the wood. April 2, 2011
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