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Don’t just take Levenger’s word for it—see what customers have to say. Each product at invites you to add your own feedback about your Levenger purchase, which not only helps Levenger’s product designers know what might need tweaking but also lets fellow customers know about the quality and functionality of the item in situ.

Five-Star Prizewinners

Bloomsbury Bookbag (Stocked with Tools)

Bloomsbury Bookbag (Stocked with Tools)

A Levenger perennial favorite is the Bloomsbury Bookbag—constructed of strong cotton canvas and leather handles—which comes stocked with fine Levenger tools for reading and writing. If you prefer an all-leather version of the Bloomsbury, take a trip to St. Tropez: The St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag and its matching Leather Pouch (which can be used as a wristlet) have both been and continue to be winners with Levenger customers. And be sure to see the latest five-star customer favorite, the St. Tropez iPad Tote.

Next, set sail across the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Majorca. Levenger’s Majorca Collection is another group of women’s leather bags that continues to earn slews of stars, including the Majorca Tote bag and the Majorca Expandable Laptop Bag. While you’re there, you might want to carry your iPad or Kindle (or Nook or other e-reader) along with a small laptop in the leather Fortunata Tote bag, which feels as fabulous as it looks in Levenger’s trademark full-grain leather.

And the men have their faves, too: Check out Levenger’s revolutionary Bomber Jacket Collection, whose design aesthetic is revolutionary and therefore oft-copied (you know what they say about imitation being the greatest form of flattery). Browse the entire Bomber Jacket suite here, which encompasses everything from Bomber Jacket Circa leather foldover notebooks to chairs to desk sets to—of course—briefcases and messenger bags. And since women have more confidence in breaking the gender barrier than men when it comes to fashion, Bomber Jacket is actually quite popular among the beautiful gender as well.

Men also have a penchant for Levenger’s exclusive Briefolio, which is essentially part briefcase, part folio. It unzips on two sides and offers pen loops inside, and it’s available in several selections of leather to satisfy your preference. Have a look-see at the Bomber Jacket Briefolio and Expandable Briefolio to see the ones that have earned near-perfect scores with Levenger customers.

A Star (or Five) Is Born

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Because the iPod and iPad have become overnight sensations, Levenger has quickly remedied the need for carriers of these gadgets, as well as their accessories. Half-jokingly referred to as “the bone” by Levenger staff because of its clever shape, the five-star–rated Pocquettes Earbud Holder is in the shape of Rover’s favorite treat to create the perfect cord-tamer for earbuds: Just wrap your earbud cords around the piece, then wrap the snappable strap across to fasten. No more tangles, no more spaghetti. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. And if you’d like your cords to be completely protected from the elements, take it a step further and treat yourself (or a friend) to the popular Pocquettes Zipped Earbud Pouch Key Chain.

Just a Few More of Their Favorite Things

All that, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of Levenger customers’ favorite things. But we’ll quicken the pace: The classic all-time staples at Levenger include the disc-bound Circa notebook collection, True Writer pen collection, Levenger notepads and specialty paper (including specialized print-on-demand formats from the Special Request Collection), the Cambridge and Carezza collections, bookends, bronze pen stands, and lap desks. Plus, Levenger owns and is therefore able to offer the perfect refill for most fine pen brands—to wit, fountain pen aficionados frequent Levenger for their outstanding selection of fountain pens and inks.

Add Your Two Cents

Next time you receive a Levenger product—whether you bought it for yourself or received it as a gift—be sure to add your own feedback to help other customers decide as they browse the online aisles. Simply find your item at and click the “Write a review” link on the left, and gush away. At Levenger, the customer is always the true star.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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