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Over the past 25 years, Levenger’s identity as purveyor of useful, beautiful products that inspire achievement has attracted many of the superstars of industrial design to its doors. Each of the following designs represents an innovative, groundbreaking product that set new standards in its field—and each of these unforgettable icons of industrial and product design is available from Levenger.

Eames® Management Chair by Herman Miller®

Eames® Management Chair by Herman Miller®


Featured in films and TV shows with ultra-glam or retro-chic settings, like Mad Men, The Devil Wears Prada and Gossip Girl, the instantly recognizable Eames Management Chair by Herman Miller sets a tone of contemporary, functional elegance. Crafted in brilliant polished aluminum and symmetrically ribbed leather, the Management Chair was designed in 1958 by the husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames, whose furniture designs are featured in the Museum of Modern Art.

Chill out

With diamond-shaped facets that  reflect and refract refract the light like a glittering jewel, the unique Ice Side Chair by Calligaris makes a striking statement in a home or office setting. Created and built  of sturdy transparent technoplymer and chrome at their famed Milan design studio, the Ice Chair is an example of Calligaris evolution from traditional wood to the materials of a multi-media modern culture—plastics, metals, glass and methacrylates—and is a harbinger of the future of furniture design.

Pop Art

Widely described as “experts in pop culture,” ACME Studios was founded in Los Angeles in 1985 by visionary industrial designers Adrian Olabuenaga and his wife, Lesley Bailey. In 1997, ACME released its first collection of fine writing instruments. Always on the cutting edge of design, ACME’s writing tools revolutionized a new concept in the pen industry. One of their most recognizable designs, the whimsical Crayon Retractable Rollerball designed by Olabuenga himself, is is bound to release the creative inner child in its owner.

The fast lane

They’re hailed by many as makers of the ultimate sportscars, but the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart has become one of Europe’s best known and most reputable design houses, creating eyewear, cufflinks, luggage—and fine writing instruments. In fact, the impressive Porsche pen collection is crafted of materials used in their sleek vehicles. “If you analyze the function of an object,” said Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the iconic 911, “its form often becomes obvious.” Indeed, their selection of pens is as durable, pragmatic and stylish as their famous cars.

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

L is for Levenger

Of course, Levenger boasts its own iconic products with designs as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. The patented kidney bean shape of the original Levenger Lap Desk is not only expansive and attractive, it is made to rest on the arms of a club chair or recliner with plenty of room to read and work. The Pocquettes Earbud Holder is a study in simplicity—its functional bone shape is ideal for keeping your cords organized and tangle-free. And the iconic Shirt Pocket Briefcase, that slim yet sturdy, elegant note-taking tool fashioned in full-grain leather…well, it has been copied by many, and we appreciate the flattery, but this is where you’ll find the real deal—only at Levenger.


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