Functional Furnishings with a Levenger Twist

At Levenger, the stakes are high for quality, function, value and beauty—so as high stakes go, let’s start with the Travers Stakes in Saratoga, New York. Levenger’s exclusive Saratoga furniture collection of bookcases comprises pieces that are built and assembled in New York, thereby winning the race: American-made furniture that’s already assembled for you with the Levenger 100% guarantee, so there’s no risk to you as the customer. Ever.

Moving from equine to canine, visit the Westminster Collection of bookcases by Levenger, which are also fully assembled and are built to last a lifetime—or more. The thick shelves can hold up to 200 pounds each, their solid cores built to endure the heaviest of trophies and tomes.

Take the roundabout

One of the constant, consistent customer favorites at Levenger is another stackable furniture group, the Carousel Revolving Bookcase, which can be built high or low but always round and able to turn when you say turn. The Carousel Base stays firmly on the floor, offering a sturdy base; add the Book Carousel in either Medium or Tall (or both) to store books and media; then add the Carousel Bookstand on the top to provide an angled surface for a shared laptop computer or an oft-used reference book.

And speaking of books, the Book Buggy bookcase cart with wheels is another Levenger customer favorite for its flexibility, as it can be rolled from room to room—and the four skidproof casters can lock into place when you want it to stay put.

All boxed in

BookBoxed in, that is—Levenger’s exclusive BookBox bookcase collection will remind you of your days in preschool playing with building blocks, but of course these are very large blocks with shelves for your books, pictures, trophies and awards. Stack ’em high, stack ’em wide, and fill your whole wall if you wish—you can always add more later.

This place ain’t big enough for… Oh, yes it is!

Any room is surely big enough for Levenger’s No-Room-for-a-Table line, no matter how small your apartment or office quarters. To utilize those corners and sides of rooms that just beg to be turned into cozy storage spots, choose one or more of the original No-Room-for-a-Table Table by itself or with leather baskets, the Table with Drawers, the No-Room-for-a-Bookcase Bookcase, and the Room-for-My-Sidekick Table. Big enough indeed!

Bichon furniture

Speaking of small, Levenger’s lap desks are wonderful little pals that sit and keep you company while obediently holding your book, laptop, or tablet computer. Levenger’s renowned lap desks are a customer favorite, and a new design is introduced about once or twice per year—always with an eye toward what is needed at the moment insofar as technology trends and reading trends. The latest iteration is the iPad Laplander (available in late March 2012), which is a smaller, more compact version of their original Laplander. Stay tuned….

The value of the Euro

The Levenger exclusive Euro furniture collection is a wonderfully adaptable and modular furniture system that can be configured in innumerable configurations. Like the BookBox bookcase furniture group, Euro is beautifully simple…the things you can do with, say, one or two Euro Desks (either Large or Medium size) and several Quarter-Rounds is almost baffling. After all, the mind works most creatively and productively when you’re surrounded by a creative environment—so let’s eschew all things stuffy.

Matching the Euro collection of desk furniture is the stately Levenger Skyline Bookcase and its shorter sidekick, the Skyline Midboy. They’ll fit into a corner and harness the full height of your room, allowing you to tuck away 100 or more books and other items. Plus, you can add one or two Drawers or Glass Doors to provide a little more covering.

A letter to the Editor’s Desk

Matching the Euro furniture collection is the popular Editor’s Desk, which Levenger found to be the best desk furniture piece for researchers, writers, and—of course—editors. It props up your reading or your paperwork (or even an iPad or other tablet or e-reader) at just the right angle, and the top ledge offers a spot for holding your reference books and the like—ready to grab as soon as you need it. Editors do need to keep a beloved thesaurus and dictionary close by at all times.

Where beauty meets practicality

Levenger takes a pragmatic approach to furniture design, so you can trust them to offer some of the most thoughtful, beautiful, practical and useful furniture you’ll find anywhere. If your goal is productivity, Levenger can help you win the goal.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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