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Those of us who use Levenger’s Circa system for organized note-taking love it for a variety of reasons…including its simplicity of design, ease of use, customizability and durable beauty. Below are just a few of the reasons why customers insist on Circa for their note-taking needs:

Slim but not wiry

Spiral-bound notebooks don’t allow you to both remove and replace pages with ease, and Circa does. “The ability to take pages out of the Circa notebook, add pages in, and rearrange as needed really make this the best possible option in terms of functionality,” remarks a recent reviewer on the website. Yes, three-ring notebooks do allow for page reorganization, but at the expense of being fat and unwieldy. Circa users enjoy the slim, streamlined design of a Circa notebook as opposed to a bulky three-ring or static wirebound notebook.

It’s all about you

Circa is a comprehensive note-taking system that allows you to do so much more than an ordinary notebook. A host of functional accessories, including three varieties of Circa punches and Circa discs in different sizes allow you to customize your notebook to your needs. When you need to add a large number of pages, you can change the size of your discs, or transfer entire sections to another notebook. Refill sheets in different formats, including Things To Do and Project Planner, give your note-taking greater focus. The Circa Punch allows you to secure loose sheets in your notebook. Keep tools, supplies and receipts handy in a Zip Pocket, and note cards organized with a Pocket Dock-It. “This is the best system I’ve ever found for project management,” confirms another Circa note-taker.

The cover story

Unlike inexpensive imitator brands that provide some semblance of Circa functionality, the Levenger Circa system is unmistakable in its quality and longevity. Generously appointed in rich, full-grain leather (rather than thin, easily cracked and damaged “top grain” leather, which is ironically far from top-quality), the Circa Leather Foldover Notebook, Circa Jacket, Zip Folio and Master Folio are designed to last through years of daily use. This is the kind of leather that gains character over time, acquiring that attractively, lovingly worn-in look that only fine leather goods are able to achieve. Of course, Levenger also offers leather alternatives—including the sturdy, colorful Bookcloth Notebook, and a new premium material called LevTex that looks and feels like fine leather (coming soon).

Share the reasons you love Circa at and, or leave a review on any Circa product page at We love to hear from our Circa customers, so we can continue to innovate and improve this award-winning note-taking system.


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  1. Taro Aoki says:

    Hello, I have been using CIRCA since 2000 for Business use as following reasons,

    My Circa :
    Circa Zip Folio, Black, Junior, Monogramed.
    Circa Papers : Ruled and Grid
    Use Case : Business and Diving Log

    I have been traveling to ASIA every months and I of course bring my MacBook Air with me, however when I discussed with Customers, I did take note by CIRCA, for Meeting minutes : Ruled and for Drawing : Grid .
    I could easily file the circa by project basis, or product basis later after I send email.
    I also use a scanner to scan the circa with my hand writing , drawing , if needs, then just attach by email.

    For Diving use, I use Laser printer to print out what I need to put on Circa first. ( Started from 2003, and did not have personalized circa yet … )
    After my diving done , just take the log with my Circa !
    Zip Folio has card folder, etc and I bought Plastic card folder, and Scale , they are really convenient to use … make the business quick !

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