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Now that indexing is done more and more via computer, you don’t really hear them called “index cards” anymore—and yet, Levenger’s own 3 x 5 cards remain a favorite among their loyal customers. Levenger continues to hear about how these sturdy, compact little slices of paper remain the standard for taking notes on the fly or in the quiet, so Levenger continues to make products that give preferential treatment to 3 x 5 note-taking.

Taking Notes about Making Notes

The Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase was specially designed to fit into a shirt pocket, and it offers a 3 x 5 card platform out front with room for several cards, plus a pocket out back to hold more cards. So you’ll always be ready to take notes, write notes-to-self, and write down directions to give to someone. There’s even a version with a pen sleeve and an included Walletini Pen, the Pen Pocket Briefcase.

Room for Passport?

Yes—as we intimated, this concept has grown well beyond just one product. Have a look at the International Pocket Briefcase, which folds book-style and has a 3 x 5 card platform on the right, a pen sleeve for a Pocketini ballpoint pen in the middle, credit/membership cards on the left, a lengthwise pocket for paper cash and traveler’s checks, and—here’s the clincher—room for a passport behind the credit cards. It’s available in smooth leather or pebbled Bomber Jacket leather—and with or without the Pocketini Pen inside.

Room for Phone?

Yes, and 007 would be duly outfitted for his exploits with an International Phone Pocket Briefcase, which has a mesh pocket on the left for your cell phone or smartphone rather than pockets for credit cards—but still a pocket behind it for passport, because that particular technology hasn’t changed (yet!).

Zip Tobacco Pouch, Anyone?

…Tongue-in-cheek, of course. In smooth, full-grain tobacco leather specially made for Levenger by their partners in England, the Cambridge Note/Phone Case offers a gusseted pocket for phone on the left and a 3 x 5 card platform on the right—complemented by a telescoping ballpoint pen in the center and a rugged brass zipper to keep it all safe and sound while you travel near and far.

…Moving along swiftly, SwiftNotes includes two notepads of 3 x 5 cards (yes, notepads of them!), which can be torn out notepad-style. On the left is a pocket for loose papers and whatnot, and the whole thing closes nicely via the dual loops and the included ballpoint pen. Many customers collect SwiftNotes in every new color that comes out, making note-taking all the more interesting and lively. And more notepads are available as refills, of course.

Stackables for Desktop

Levenger has developed myriad creations for the beloved 3 x 5 card over the years, including the Nantucket Note Card Box (with or without cards included), the tiered Note Card Bleachers, special 3 x 5 Card Envelopes for sending a thoughtful note to a special friend or client, and the 3 x 5 Card Holder (in smooth or Bomber Jacket leather) for quick access to a whole stack of your favorite Levenger index cards.

The Circa Jotlet

A Circa Notebook comprising 3 x 5 cards? We’re not kidding—what has been called Levenger’s “PDA” size is indeed a notepad composed of 3 x 5 cards whose Circa-punched top fits into three Circa discs. No 3 x 5–centered life is complete without them.

Trust Levenger for everything 3 x 5–related—from storage to carryables, from notebooks to notepads to cards. Because indeed, everything does come in threes…and fives.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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