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Graduating is always a major accomplishment—thousands of hours of studying, listening, taking notes, preparing, taking nerve-wracking tests, and it’s all summed up with a name on a diploma. So reward your alum with a graduation gift or two with their name or initials engraved or embossed on something outstanding from Levenger, such as leather, writing instruments, or a memento with the college’s name and the graduate’s name.

Commemorative for Commencement

The Personalized College Desk Box displays a beautiful rendering of the graduate’s college on the front, name of the institution, name of the graduate, and graduation year—upon a distinguished wood box with cherry finish, with a mirror under the lid and a felt bottom to protect your desktop. The same college rendering is displayed on Levenger’s popular Personalized College Paperweight, the framed Personalized College Print, the Personalized College Mirror, and the College Cufflinks.

Or, if your honoree would prefer something a little more subtle, Levenger will engrave the graduate’s name or initials on the lid (or under the lid) of Levenger’s exclusive Commemorative Box, and they will engrave a long quote on the reverse side if you wish. It’s lined with synthetic suede, making it a perfect memento box or jewelry box.

Get Them Suited Up

Once the graduate is out and about in the big world of business, they’re going to need accoutrements other than a canvas backpack. Give them a Levenger leather folio, leather briefcase, or a Levenger exclusive Briefolio, all of which will make them feel better prepared to set out on their first day of work…and beyond.

Pen Name

But really, you can never go wrong with an elegant Levenger writing instrument with your recipient’s name imprinted upon it, such as the Levenger exclusive True Writer. Or, you can give them a Porsche for graduation—have a look at Levenger’s offerings of true Porsche-brand pens. They won’t be lying when they tell their friends they received a Porsche for graduation.

When it comes to gifts, Levenger never disappoints. And graduation is certainly a worthy milestone for bestowing a gift of excellence.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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