What’s Black and White and Red All Over? It’s the Latest Levenger Catalog

…Which should have arrived in your mailbox from Levenger this past week—splashed with gifts that are perfect for graduation season, including the red Tyler Folio, the Personalized College Paperweight, and the True Writer Classic pen. But that’s not all.

Career Gear

Help the new graduate get a jump-start on their daily work life (or a refresher for your own workday wardrobe) with essential Levenger tools, such as the Briefolio—which comes in slick black from the Essential Collection, pebbled mocha with plaid interior from the Bomber Jacket Collection, or the original Briefolio which matches Levenger’s Cambridge Collection. The Briefolio is part folio, part briefcase, making it ideal for any meeting—whether interview-style or team-style.

See What Else Weave Got…

Flip it over to the back cover to view the stunning metallic cover of the Circa Woven Foldover Notebook, the latest disc-bound notebook in Levenger’s Circa line with pages you can remove, replace, and repeat. Theoretically, one Circa notebook may be the only notebook you’ll ever need, because you can keep rotating and removing and replacing pages. Who knew productivity and organization could be such fun?

iPad—Do You?

And if you’d like a notebook that does more than just notes, open the front cover of the catalog to see the Circa iPad Foldover Notebook on display—complete with pages on the right (as per a normal notebook) and the added benefit of an iPad holder frame on the left, which is fastened and removed via Velcro. You can research on your iPad while making notes, all in one spot. (You knew Levenger could come up with that perfect solution, didn’t you!)

So peruse the latest offerings in the newest catalog from Levenger, which you can even do online by clicking on “What’s New” in the upper right corner of Levenger.com. Levenger wants you to shop in the way that’s most enjoyable and natural for yourself, so let them do all the work for you…and graduate to the level of customer satisfaction you deserve.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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