Levenger, What’s Behind Door Number One?

True Writer® Silver Anniversary Ballpoint

True Writer® Silver Anniversary Ballpoint

Levenger is introducing new designs and new redesigns all year long for their 25th anniversary celebration—and without further ado, let’s have a look at the True Writer Silver Anniversary Collectors’ Edition pens, built in solid brass and finished in gunmetal and chrome. The celebration wouldn’t be complete without a new True Writer pen, after all. Spectacular.

Door Number Two…

Levenger’s newest leather collection is Belmont, named after Levenger’s founding birthplace on the outskirts of Boston. The collection includes the Belmont Messenger, which offers plenty of room for letter-size files and all your daily work gear;  the Belmont iPad Messenger, with vertical room for your tablet or e-readerplus a side-entry front zip pocket for phone;the Belmont iPad sleeve, whose overflap fastens with a magnetic snap; the Belmont Slim Weekend Wallet, which is chock-full of pockets and yet remains thin enough to fit into a front pocket; and the Belmont Triple Billfold Wallet, which has a left-hand ID flap inside that creates a third layer.  Belmont earns a triple crown for usefulness, organization, style and comfort.  Incidentally, do you think I’ll Have Another will win the Triple Crown at Belmont on June 9th? Be sure to give Levenger your thoughts at Facebook.com/Levenger or Twitter.com/Levenger.

Door Number Three…

Finished in beautiful chestnut, Levenger’s new MyMela Wooden Desk Box is adorned with a brass-inlaid floral and leaf motif, and can be personalized in gold to make an incredible gift which no one else would have thought of. What a wonderful box for keepsakes, pens, jewelry or special mementos. If you personalize it as a gift for someone special, be sure to keep a few tissues on hand for the presentation—it’s wonderfully personal and thoughtful.

Door Number A4…

Levenger fans love Rhodia paper, and it now comes in the microperforated A4-size Rhodia R Notepad. Rhodia’s smooth, satiny ivory paper is a rich 90-gsm weight, milled in France. The 70 sheets are ruled on both sides of every page. Ooh la la.

The Journal That Masquerades as Jack Kerouac’s Classic

Levenger has taken the 1951 bestseller On the Road and has gone undercover—literally—just using the original design of the Penguin Books cover and filling it with 80 ruled pages…for the cleverest journal of them all. It might inspire you to follow in Kerouac’s footsteps and write your own manuscript ideas inside. The next great American novel might be ready for you to unleash within the pages of the Penguin On the Road Journal.

The Circle of Life, Circa-Cycled

Circa Recycled Annotation Ruled Notebook

Circa Recycled Annotation Ruled Notebook

Levenger has been toiling over creating the perfect Circa recycled offerings for its ever-green clientele, and the set includes the Circa Recycled Annotaton Ruled Notebook, Circa Recycled Discs (which brandish the Levenger leaf logo on each disc to herald its environmental nature), Circa Recycled Plastic Tab Dividers and Pocket Dividers, and of course Circa Recycled Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets to complete the circle.

 Spring Has Sprung

As spring 2012 fully comes to completion, punctuated by Father’s Day on June 17th, look to Levenger to enliven your summer with some special 25th-anniversary gifts and tools to keep life ever interesting.

— Heather Collins Grattan

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