The world’s most famous botanical engravings are in a new kind of Levenger Press book

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Here’s something you can’t do with an e-book: you can’t frame it. But that’s something you can do with our new Levenger Press limited edition book, Redoute, The Grand Collection: 128 masterpieces of botanical art.

The botanical engravings of Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840) are arguably the most famous in the world. Our new, exclusive book is a collection of 128 high-resolution, true-color facsimiles of various Redoute roses, lilies, fruits and other flowers. But instead of being a bound book, this collection is a series of 128 loose pages, printed on one side only. These high-quality Redoute botanical prints are thus suitable for framing.

The sheets are housed in a beautiful beribboned portfolio box of grass-green linen. The portfolio, which is lined on each panel with a Redoute design, is another way to display these botanical prints.

The story of Redoute is a fascinating one. He was influenced early on by a monk; he later became the artist to Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon’s Josephine; and he drew his botanicals as they’d never been done before. Two leading experts relay the Redoute story in a companion booklet that comes inside the portfolio. One expert’s perspective is on the artistic Redoute. The other’s is on the scientific Redoute.

For Redoute’s botanical prints are more than pleasing pictures: they’re also scientifically accurate. You might say that Redoute is the Audubon of botanical prints. And John James Audubon—whom Redoute once met—was, in fact, an admirer.

Redoute, The Grand Collection is available in a strictly limited edition of 1,400. This exclusive book comes with a special holiday price of $125 through December 24. At $125 for 128 prints, that’s less than a buck-a-botanical!  That’s not something available elsewhere, and certainly not at this high quality.

Sure, you can look at a picture of a Redoute print on a screen, but we think you’ll find the experience far richer on the rich, archival-quality paper we’ve used, and in a portfolio that opens panel by elegant panel, and with pages that are truly yours to have and to hold.

And don’t look for this Redoute in the bookstores. It’s available only from Levenger, making it almost as rare as a rose in winter.

Mim Harrison


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1 Comment on "The world’s most famous botanical engravings are in a new kind of Levenger Press book"

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  1. Ray Allen says:

    I have just received “Redoute, The Grand Collection” as a Christmas gift from my son, and must tell you what a masterpiece it is. I have spent most of my life in the plant world, and have collected some botanicals, but this compilation is unique. It allows someone to actively change a framed display to his or her own mood or situation. I am planning to have a special frame made into which I can slip my favorites from the collection, changing them as I please. The write-ups are excellent, and of course, the prints are exquisite. Having them loose creates a completely new use for print collections, rather that the usual binding in a book. I cannot thank you enough for creating such a product, which will bring me daily pleasure from today on. Also, I see the collection copyright is with Overlook Press, a publisher I know and for whom I did some writing some years ago. You have put together a truly sensational archival item on the king of botanical art. I am most proud to have a copy, and also very proud of my son for his impeccable taste with this year’s gift!

    Sincerely, Ray Allen, Dec. 27, 2013

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